Friday, September 10, 2010

Top 50 Non Aligned Blogs

Today, Total Politics announces the Top 50 non-aligned blogs.

Here's the Top 20 but you can see the full list HERE...

1 (2) Paul Waugh
2 (1) Political Betting
3 (10) FT Westminster Blog
4 (3 Nick Robinson
5 (4) UK Polling Report
6 The Vibe
7 Malc in the Burgh
8 (41) Ed West
9 (13) Boulton & Co
10 (8) Craig Murray
11 (6) Slugger O'Toole
12 Rod Liddle
13 (9) J Arthur MacNumpty
14 (27) Bagehot's Notebook
15 (20) Hen Rech Flin
16 (11) Vaughan Roderick
17 Mark D'Arcy
18 (18) Matthew Taylor
19 The Sauce
20 (25) Blether with Brian

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This list is the result of more than 2,200 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

Click on the name of any blog to visit their site.

All these lists, together with articles from leading blog commentators, will be published in the TOTAL POLITICS GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING, in association with APCO Worldwide. It will be published in October at £14.99. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

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Lomax said...

Does this poll have any credibility when it shows Nick Robinson as "non-aligned"?

Surely he is a Labour spinner (i.e. works for the BBC)

James Bloodworth said...

Non-aligned = boring.

Redbridge Eye said...

Er, Paul Mason is in there TWICE, at number 40 and number 50. How does that work?

Iain Dale said...

Well spotted. Seems to be human error. Have corrected it. David Ottewell should have been there.

Unknown said...

How is that Nick Robinsons entry is on this list? Surely it should be counted as a Labour blog

Unknown said...

Err, think you've made a mistake. Surely Nick Robinson should come under Labour blogger

cynicalHighlander said...

20 (25) Blether with Brian

Sorry Iain you obviously have never read the Labour spin at work.

William said...

Blether with Brian IS aligned--with the Unionist line that is perpetrated by the BBC in Scotland.

It's not a proper blog anyway--"Brian" does not deign to relate to/argue with posters, but assumes an all-knowing silence. Many people don't read this blog now for these reasons,and the number of comments on any of his blogs is diminishing too.
William Brown

Unknown said...

Rod Liddle unaligned my arse. He even admits in the Sunset Times to being a lifelong Labour supporter.

Unsworth said...

What's your definition of non-aligned? No 'declared' affiliation?

I'd argue that many of these are 'aligned' if one considers their apparent political stances.

charles said...

By what yardstick can Nick Robinson be judged non-aligned?

tory boys never grow up said...

If Paul Waugh is non aligned why does he publish so much that is fed to him by CCHQ.

Craig Murray has declared fro and joined the LibDems.

On a more serious level is it really possible for anyone with anything interesting to say about politics not to resist the temptation to take a position on most things and hence be aligned. Those who pretend neutrality often hold very strong views and fool no one in their dishonest attempts to disguise them (why does Humphrys come to mind). Personally I would prefer journalists to drop the dishonest pretence of being nonaligned/impartial.

Victor, NW Kent said...

No.9 Boulton & Co!

It would be news to me that Adam Boulton is non-aligned but apart from that the blog has the most puerile and illiterate set of respondents imaginable as well as a lynch-mob system of moderation.

It really does not deserve to be No.9 on the list of the top anythings.

Alex said...

"Tax Research UK" is non-aligned? Aligned to the left wing of the Labour Party and gunded indirectly by the TUC, but otherwise unaligned.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the FT is anti-Tory.

steve said...

Matthew Taylor unbiased? Um.

(Makes a change from Nick Robinson....)

Stuart Winton said...

Don't know about the journalists whose non-alignend credentials are being questioned, but I doubt if J Arthur Macnumpty (Will Patterson) has ever claimed to be anything other than a Scottish Nationalist.

wild said...

"Personally I would prefer journalists to drop the dishonest pretence of being non-aligned/impartial."

If the BBC were upfront about its Leftist assumptions this would as foolish as the Pope declaring that the Catholic Church is not the only legitimate authority for the interpretation of the life and teachings of Jesus.

The essential function of the BBC is to promote the views and interests of the Leftist establishment. If the BBC were to admit their Leftist assumptions people would wonder - as they wondered about the Catholic Church at the end of the Middle Ages - why everybody should be forced to pay for it?

Unknown said...

that Nick Robinson is decried as being a Labour supporter because of working for the Beeb, his previous employer was the Tory party, and it shows in all his work