Thursday, September 02, 2010

Former UKIP MEP Faces Expenses Investigation by EU Authorities

Word has reached me tonight of some astonishing goings on at the UKIP National Executive Committee tonight, when members were told that former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire MEP is currently under investigation by OLAF, the EU Anti-Fraud Unit, and the West Midlands Economic Crime Unit on allegations of misuse of European Parliamentary allowances.

Documentary evidence was placed before the meeting alleging abuse of travel expenses, following revelations by a whistleblowing former employee of Ms Sinclair.

Ms Sinclaire was expelled from UKIP in March after she refused to sit with the UKIP group in the European Parliament.


Jabba the Cat said...

Sounds par for the course for Farage and his pygmies.

Lord Blagger said...

Nothing like a witch hunt to get rid of the irksome members who don't buy in to the European idea.

What about all the other troughers caught on camera?

What about Neil Kinnock's hiding of the audit report?

How can Neil and Glynis become multimillionaires at the public expense?

Tapestry said...

Nikki's resignation statement from Freedom & Democracy, the EP group that UKIP leads, which is strongly anti-immigration and is federalist.

The Northern League, also members of the group, are federalists. Nikki is being victimised for insisting that UKIP continues as a withdrawalist party.

Houdini said...

Seeing as they are going after an ex MEP, they may reopen the case against Mandelson that they closed when and because he ceased being a commissioner.

I doubt it though.

Unsworth said...

The skids are underneath, then. Mind you, I never trusted that hairstyle.

Libertarian said...


Don't believe everything Farage tells you

Penfold said...

Strange they pick on a UKIP MEP, not.
Unfortunately the EuroParl is one of those statist stalinlite org's that seek to punish those that have not fully bought into the project.
Given the nature of expenses, the manner in which they are doled out, the endemic corruption, its very surprising that only one UKIP MEP has been targeted.
So unless the fiddle has been on a colossal scale and represents billions, its clealry politically motivated.
That's not to condone any thievery and corruption.

Speedie1 said...

I understand that the West Midlands Police have denied that they are investigating Ms Sinclair

Page With A View said...

Well what a surprise, the persistently corrupt EU pursues a former UKIP MEP for what - missing billions, endemic fraud, bribery and corruption? No, dodgy travel expenses - would be shocking if they can't find a single i she hasn't dotted.

The only surprise is that they waited until she was disowned by UKIP - too gutless to take on Farage and co.?

Tim said...


More lies from Farage!!!!!!!!!!!