Friday, January 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. A Labour MEP, Mary Honeyball, hits out at the sexism of LabourList.
2. LibDem councillor Steve Beasant on his Cool Britannia musical tastes.
3. Calum Cashley on how Iceland is sending aid to Britain - blankets, socks, that kind of thing.
4. Nigel Fletcher explains that reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.
5. Boris Johnson is on Twitter and wants you to follow him.
6. Machiavelli fisks Steve Morgan over the Hain affair.
7. John Redwood on government hypocrisy over aviation.
8. Coffee House thinks Alastair Campbell is sending a coded message.
9. Labour Home carries a post wondering if Gordon Brown is a tinnie short of a six pack.
10. Croydonian has a story on which countries have ethical foreign policies.
11. Devil's Kitchen analyses the problem with modern government. In his own style!
12. Gordon Brown's Today interview is analysed by Burning Our Money.


Scottish Unionist said...

Churchill W., 23/01/2009 21:08:51
The Roman Catholic Church has been the focal point of a great deal of public anger. Unfortunately, it has been largely misdirected:

The vast majority of abuse by priests who victimize persons under the age of 18 has taken the form of hemophilia 1 -- involving post-pubertal children who are often 16 or 17 years of age.
Yet most of the public has the impression that most of the abuse is pedophilia 2 -- involving young, pre-pubertal children.

In 2004-FEB, CNN was able to view a draft copy of a survey prepared by the church. It reveals that 4,450 of the 110,000 Roman Catholic clergy (4%) who served between 1950 and 2002 have been accused of molesting minors. This has resulted in 11,000 individual abuse claims filed against Catholic clergy during that interval.

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Domesday said...

Hell, just went to Labour Home to check out the blog about Brown having cognitive dissonance and for the second time today the website hung on and I'm left looking at Labour for much longer than I want til I have to shut down and restart. Is this a metaphor I am living?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Iain, that post from Honeyball is interesting, but her previous one attracted a lot of replies and is linked to this article from Simon Clark on Taking Liberties.

I take it your cunning self has read the 'other' post about EU censorship and Labour MEP numbskullery? ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm surprised there's no links at all to posts that are going in to the amazing new powers the government wishes to confer to itself through the Coroners and Justice Bill (sections 152-154).

Dick the Prick said...

Eh? Scottish Unionist? Anywho - just got beat by Kerry McCarthy - she was right, I was wrong. T'was ever thus.

I've got me game fixed to destroy Labour, give the SNP a nudge - maybe i'm wrong there tooooo. Has Labour killed itself?

Matt said...


Mary doesn't think to much of your site - she thinks you're too much gossip. You need to change your gender if you want to create lively and amusing debates!

Iain Dale said...

Matt, bovvered! I first came across her when I was running the Tory campaign in Norwich North in 1987 when she was the Labour candidate. We whipped her lefty ass.