Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Liberal England has the most hurtful comment of the day.
2. A Very British Dude is highly unimpressed by Dawn Butler. Join the club.
3. Taking Liberties explains how the media works.
4. Liberal Conspiracy reports the sad, but not unexpected news that Martin Bright has left the New Statesman. He's a truly excellent journalist.
5. Samuel Coates explains on the Blue Blog why social action projects are so important for the Conservatives.
6. Spectator Coffee House on the Pickles approach to lurrrve and the LibDems.
7. Dizzy reports on a horrifying discovery for the father of a two year old.
8. Danny Finkelstein is not impressed by Jon Snow. Not impressed at all.
9. Tom Harris tells a government minister to shut the **** up.
10. Andrew Porter reports on the year's worst political prediction. Jacqui Smith for Labour leader!
11. Conor Ryan thinks Brown should admit the next election is lost.
12. Dizzy on Labour email spam.

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voiceofourown said...

You may have missed a most piquant slice of irony over at Calum Cashley's blog. An excellent piece concerning the generosity of those arch terrorists - the Icelandic people.

Read it here