Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lord Truscott: What Goes Around...

A friend of mine is taking a little satisfaction from the difficulties Lord Truscott is experiencing over the House of Lords cash for access scandal. I'll let him explain...
I met (Lord) Truscott in April, 1989 when I was canvassing for the Conservative Party in Colchester. I was walking up a long road of Council houses when I passed three Labour canvassers walking the other way. I said "hello" to them. Truscott's reply consisted of four words, "f... o.., you c...". So you will understand that I am not very distressed by his difficulties since the appearance of last weekend's Sunday Times.

What a nice man.


John Hemming said...

You may wish to correct your post for potential defamation actions by Paul Truswell.

Anonymous said...
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Dave H said...

As John says, Trusswell or Truscott? These portmanteau surnames are confusing.

strapworld said...

Whilst canvassing in Hartlepool for UKIP (I know, I know!) I bumped into Conservative Party canvassers being led by the Arch European David Maclean - he who believes in secrecy over MP's expenses.

Whilst I engaged in light hearted banter with the Tory workers - and their candidate- Maclean was extremely rude to me! I wanted to stick his crook up a certain part of his anatomy!

So it goes with the territory, Paul!

Incidentally, the nicest group and candidate I did meet, in my jolly time in Hartlepool, were from the Respect party. They certainly lived up to their party name in the way they conducted themselves.

But I believe the next election will be rough, tough and dirty! so Paul has had some good training!

davidc said...

some people have 'no style'

Anonymous said...

I was leafleting in Yorkshire when one of my co-workers, a lady, came under verbal assault from the labour party yobs doing the same thing.

I'm 6'3" and 18 stone and my mate is 6'8" and 22 stone.

It was amusing to look at their faces.....or should that be look at their "faeces," as they legged up the street as we rushed around the corner having heard the commotion.

Not a nice bunch some of them and always bad losers at the count, showing no respect for the proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.

As a former Labour member of nearly 30 years, I crossed the floor while I was a councillor to the dreaded Tories. Have been treated like a pariah ever since.
I always find it funny when I turn up to a public event and a brood of Labour councillors are in attendance... anyone would think I was Banco's ghost.

In my experience I find it naive of most conservatives that they do not comprehend the total vehemence and contempt Labour has for them. It's instilled in grassroots members very early on... the Tories are the source of all the evils in the world.

However, on changing parties, the only differences I can find is that the local conservatives actually debate issues at meetings and the party has respect for individual liberties.

Conand said...

Mike, we're not naive. We just try not to indulge in the politics of hatred.
Things are always quite good natured where I canvass. Much of the time political activists at the sharp end have more in common with each other than with those in the higher eschelons of party structures.
That's not to say I'm not a fire-breathing partisan Pittite (Tory is such an old-fashioned term).

Chris Paul said...

Did Trusswell or Truscott know your friend Iain? Had they offended him in some way? Seems a bit off otherwise.

I'm sure the leader of the Lords will be as shocked as I am and take this anonymous anecdote into consideration when the time comes to clear the noble lord of any wrong doing other than over-selling and dodgy grammar and syntax while being entrapped.

Mike Wood said...

A friend applied for a job with Peter Truscott when he was an MEP. After an interview, my friend was offered a job with a salary of "I'll buy you a sandwich when I'm in the office".

Granted this was a year-out position in the middle of a four year degree course but it was for a full-time assistant's position for eleven months, not an intern who is working for a few weeks as work experience. Given the amount of cash that MEPs were given (supposedly) to pay for staff even then, this did seem to be taking the mickey.

Forunately the good voters of the Eastern Region intervened and my friend got a much better position with another MEP.

Unsworth said...

@ Chris Paul

"entrapped"? Ho ho!

So Truscott has no free will no ability to tell these people to piss off because what they might be suggesting is contrary to his principles? I think you're probably right. You see, it's his overwhelming avarice and naked greed which dictates his actions.