Friday, January 23, 2009

Boris Twitters

Boris Johnson has joined Twitter. Today he is twittering from the Thames estuary, where is looking at the potential site for Boris Island Airport. If you'd like to follow Boris's twitterings, and let's face it, who wouldn't, click HERE.

And of you'd like to join the 1,067 who are following my Twitter feed, click HERE.


John M Ward said...

For some reason my hindbrain is telling me to expect tweets along the lines of "Right! How does this thing work? Ah! Jolly good, get a grip, get a grip!"

It's probably from watching him on Have I Got News For You, which was great fun by the way and not to be missed.

DespairingLiberal said...

"Weather is ghastly and boat is alarmingly smaller than I had imagined".

Classic Boris.

I wonder what the blonde buffoon will do after he stops pretending to be Mayor of London?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Me on Twitter:

I have just eaten some pickled herring and felt a bit Nordic. (5 minutes ago)

I have just gone to the lavatory. (Type 2 on the Bristol Stool Scale) (45 minutes ago)

Wishing I was really a secret agent. Surfed the internet,looked at "Horny" with curious detachment and ennui, went to bed. (13 hours ago.)

Twitter is like those terrible round robins you get at Christmas, only Twitter is worse because it's all day every day. And it's like having guests who never leave. How can anybody imagine that someone else is interested in the minutiae of somebody's life?

Philipa said...

Wrinkled weasel -

I suppose it depends on who you are and what life you lead. My twittering, as an ordinary single mother would be:

* my lap top is now burning my left leg but can I be bothered to move?

* I think I'll move as it's time for my daughters medicine anyway.

* I must remember to go to the bank and sort out the accounts, this on-line business won't work. Phone the credit card and sort the mortgage out - can I do all that before the school run? well I have to try and sort this on-line thingy out first. Enough of Iain Dales site; though a guilty distraction, like political cream cake.

* time for coffee, a scratch and a stretch.

* ooh look at the time, I should put the dinner on!

And compare that with the varied and high-octane life of the London Mayor.

BeadieJay said...

Thanks to you I now know that Ed Vaizey also twitters (when he remembers to). I'm hoping he'll do a better job there than on his blog.

I'm following you Iain, and Boris, and Stephen Fry and Neil Diamond (but you probably didn't want to know that!!)