Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Triumphant Day on LabourList

On the day LabourList were trumpeting an article by Alastair Campbell (my newest Facebook friend) they've sent out this email to their entire list. Hugely informative, as you can see. And I never knew Alastair could speak Latin ... or was at a loss for a headline.

They really should be taking advice from the only Labour politician who knows anything about the internet, John Prescott. You think I jest? He left a comment on this blog an hour ago (in THIS thread) thus proving him to be a man of great eloquence and sagacity. I thank you.

UPDATE: Apparently they sent this our three times and on the fourth time they got it right.


Unknown said...

Be honest, did you expect better? LabourList is a giant farce from beginning to end.

Both the Lib Dems and the Tories are wetting themselves.

Good going Derek, you've provided a much needed source of amusement during these tough economic times, and to make things even MORE amusing, that's not what you intended!

Sue said...

It was most definitely no time for a novice!

Hacked Off said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Derek Draper said...

Dear 2 Audis,

YES! we made a mistake! while still 3 weeks away from launch!

when are you going to send an e-mail out lazybones (and don't say a good blog doesn't need them, your usual excuse...)



Unknown said...

"while still 3 weeks away from launch!"

Oh come on Dolly. You're not STILL peddling that rubbish are you? You HAVE launched. As soon as you appeared on the web for everyone to access you launched. There is no such thing as having an active website that hasn't launched. You really need to get that.

Anonymous said...

As a commenter on Dizzy Thinks said recently, it's DEREK (I CAN SEE GOOGLE FROM MY HOUSE) DRAPER.

Derek, when is your blog going to be more inclusive and less alienating? Why do you delete comments that you disagree with? I don't like your Sarah Palin type approach to things.

Stop marginalising people and be nice.

PS> Gordon Brown can't win the next election. And I am not a Tory member or voter. You should be asking all of us WHY can't Brown win? The more you slag off David Cameron the more I like him.

Unknown said...

The translation from Microsoft's support site of the sample text perhaps anticipates the feeling experienced when receiving but one of these daily brainwashing emails, let alone four:

A 1994 issue of "Before & After" magazine traces "Lorem ipsum ..." to a jumbled Latin version of a passage from de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, a treatise on the theory of ethics written by Cicero in 45 B.C.

The passage "Lorem ipsum ..." is taken from text that reads, "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit ...," which translates as, "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."

Unknown said...

In fairness, the worst thing about LabourList is that it's conflicted. It's a "top down grassroots website" which is an absolute non sequitur.

The "articles" read like Labour Party press releases from people at the top, and there is virtually NO content (if any?) from Labour supporters on the street.

Derek, constructive criticism, with no hostile intent at all, you need to engage the grassroots more. What does the Labour supporter on the street think of the bailouts? What do they think about the latest opinion polls? Enough about the people at the top and their press releases, more from the grassroots labour supporters please. It will improve LabourList no end!

Just look at LibDem Voice and Conservative Home for examples of what i'm talking about.

Mr Eugenides said...

To paraphrase Will Self, what happens on the day of the LabourList "launch"? Does it suddenly turn into Tolstoy?

Iain Dale said...

Derek, I have three Audis, just for your private info... :)

Email is just so 1990s...

Anonymous said...

"while still 3 weeks away from launch!"

That is such a weird thing to say....It's not GQ magazine, or the QE2, or Beckhams new aftershave.

How can you launch a website that is already LIVE!? I fear it's a 1990s thing??


Faceless Bureaucrat said...

@ Dolly [4.03pm]

Derek, these kind if elementary c*ck-ups just erode any credibility LabourList had to begin with.

Either get in some staff who know what the f*ck they are doing or give it up as a bad job.

This is making the Labour Party a laughing stock! - and Mandelson only has so much patience.

Rather you than me, my friend...

OBC News said...

'3 weeks away from launch'. Hilarious! I could've sworn Draper was whoring the site all over the MSM not so long ago. And the site is most definitely live (if not exactly kicking). I wonder what exactly will constitute its 'launch'; presumably just the removal of the word 'BETA'.

Unsworth said...

Still three weeks away from launch? And watch out for icebergs then.

Draper, never mind posting feeble excuses for crass stupidity, just get your act together man. It's the repetitive shambolic cock-ups which are doing you and your contributors no good at all. I'll bet they're deeply impressed at their reputations going down the tubes along with yours. Nobody wants to be associated with a failure or, worse, a laughing-stock.

And then you choose to highlight how incompetent you are by opening a dialogue. Why don't you just shut up, get your head down and do a decent bit of work on your site, get it sorted and then get on with your masters' bidding?

an ex-apprentice said...

The much trumpeted article by Campbell has attracted, in six and a half hours, 20 comments by 12 people. This is despite Draper's best, albeit hapless, efforts to try and generate some level of interest beyond the prevailing indifference.
The only interesting thing about the article is the total absence in the comments, trash or otherwise, of the sort of contemptuous dissent with which you just know Draper must have been deluged.
Who does he think he is fooling, apart from himself?

JuliaM said...

"Dear 2 Audis..."

Oh look! It's trying to be amusing. Bless! It thinks it's people...


Domination said...

The launch of Labour List is so representative of a lot of Labour policy - a lot of publicity and spin for something we all soon realise is a poorly thought out plan. Then when they realise they have cocked up, they throw out even more spin to pretend they haven't. Labour basically equals incompetence.

Madasafish said...

I read Labour list.
It makes LabourHome look professional. And human. And alive .

I'm afraid a diet of one sided tripe makes a very boring dish.

A few dissenting ideas and thoughts captivates an audience and gets pulses racing.

None of the above is new or original. Variety etc..

Eventually relaunch will work...

Jon said...

It's dismal rubbish. Nowt more to say, really.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"I have three Audis"

That's because nobody wants to buy a hot car.

Bill Quango MP said...

Mr Prescott says..

In so far as labourlist is a new blog, and now, lets be fair, its not easy being born. Hardworking-singlemothers will tell you that being born is a very natural thing. Babies cry and make noise, I should know, I've kissed enough..And some even survived.Ha!
Anyway, Labourlist, well you've got to start somewhere,an here we are, starting from here, in this place in the 21st century, with the great white feet of technology poking out from the womb, well then it stands to reason, and if I may make it clear to you, and all your readers, who are reading day and night, but mostly by day, but some have to work in the day. Barack Obama for one,. I mention the new President just as an example of something new, like Labourlist, which is also quite new. very new in fact,as I said this new born screaming baby yelling at the doctor with little lungs, well the umbilical cord is the internet and the, erm , well, the hardworkingfamily up all night, is the, erm maternity nurse or the trolley or..
Anyway lets not talk about hospitals, but I'm sure Labourlist will have a lot to say about hospitals and how this government has poured a hundred gazillion trillion pounds into making the NHS a world class employer, so lets not forget that under Thatcher there was just a shed with a sign saying sell your liver here, for cash! Oh yes,.. anyway LabourList.. well its like a baby in't that's been dropped onto its poor hardworkingfamily face,and needs the comfort of the state to help it through the ordeal, maybe with the mothers help, if shes been CRB vetted properly, or been on a course..anyway Labourlist is being give a berth, Nope oh sorry that was me, Ha!, well as I said training is vital to help SingleMothers get through the very difficult situation that through no fault of their own, like being shaggged on a balcony in Ipsos, has given them a new offspring..a bit like LabourList.. as i was saying..

Bond007 said...

90% of the articles on Labourlist are focused on attacking the Tories - its extremely negative, and smacks of desperation.

Surely most articles should be in support of Labours proposals/policies (or is it that most of the writers can't bring themselves to support them)?

I hope Labourlist continues in this manner, as it will soon be a resounding failure.

Old Holborn said...

I love the way Labour think they can Go Forth. Come Fourth more like

Voting Labour in again is like asking the bloke who burgled your house and raped your wife round to fit new locks.

CC Baxter said...

Dolly: "We will do everything in our power* to not be so inept by the time of the launch."

* © Mandy/Gordon 2009

Lola said...

Old Holborn - "I love the way Labour think they can Go Forth. Come Fourth more like". Or perhaps they mean 'go forth and multiply'?

Gordon Brown said...


Three audis, five ipods(?) - anything else we should be buying that you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to sit down with Alastair Campbell and have an honest chat about his new site.

These are his aims:

"Go Fourth was founded by John Prescott, Glenys Kinnock, Richard Caborn and Alastair Campbell in September 2008 to create a broad grassroots movement to secure a progressive Fourth Labour Term.

The campaign's main aims are to:

1. Proudly defend the record of the Labour government since 1997

2. Actively support the government in promoting policies that will build on our successes

3. Encourage greater participation in the Labour Party

4. Highlight the damage a Conservative government will do to Britain"

Looks like damage control to me...

* Point 1: It's indefensible. The record of Labour since 1997 cannot be justified. In fact, Campbell should humbly apologise.

* Point 2: did he say 'build on our successes'? Like what, an illegal war, a destroyed economy, a loss of personal freedom etc etc

* Point 3: greater participation?? I guess it couldn't get much worse - so I imagine any support would be welcome by Labour.

* Point 4: Alastair, we know what's wrong with the Tories but what is so RIGHT about Labour?!

The cold hard truth is that Labour will never win the next general election with Gordon Brown as PM. Simple as that.

Fidothedog said...

Gosh a mail from John Prescott, you are a lucky chap.

One from Tracy Temple next?

Anonymous said...

It looks like all the replies on the Go Fourth blog are blank??

eh? LoL :)

Anonymous said...

or rather the replies FROM Go Fourth are blank? :) weird.

Not a sheep said...

Three wrong then one right; could one see parallels in the general election results of 1997, 2002, 2005 and 2010?

Anonymous said...

*sobs* Alistair hasn't yet accepted my request.