Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Tory Radio on how the FSA is trying to butter up MPs' staff.
2. The Orwell blog prize will be contested by 83 nominated blogs.
3. Norfolk Blogger details how the CPS have ballsed up on a sex offender letter.
4. Charlie Beckett on whether the sale of the Standard signals the death knell for newspapers.
5. Lobbydog on how Theresa May drew first blood on Tony McNulty.
6. Puffbox on why Ed Miliband wants your email password.
7. Andrew Sparrow asks why Nick Clegg has changed his tune on the euro.
8. Brian Micklethwaite does it daily. Blogs. He explains why. In a lot of detail.
9. Tory Diary on why Alan Johnson's £1 million isn't just small beer.
10. Richard Benyon on the similarity between Hazel Blears & Heather Mills McCartney.
11. The Blue Blog looks back to January 21 1924 and explains the end of the Baldwin government.
12. Ed Vaizey on why he fears the end of honey.

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