Saturday, January 31, 2009

Political Books Out Soon

I thought I'd start trying to alert readers to political books which will be appearing over the next few months. As far as I know there is no site which carries a comprehensive list of forthcoming books. But I need your help. Amazon are useless at alerting people to forthcoming book releases, so if you know of an interesting book about to appear do email me and I will add it to the list.


19 Stanley Johnson: STANLEY, I PRESUME


20 Richard Vinen: THATCHER'S BRITAIN
23 Paddy Ashdown's Autobiography, A FORTUNATE LIFE


Bert Rustle said...

Innate human differences, as explored in 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution have extensive political implications, for example the contradiction in the Drive-By Media consensus that nearly all top jobs being occupied by males is due to sexism whilst the fact that nearly all prisoners are male is not.

A review can be found at ...

Resistance to malaria. Blue eyes. Lactose tolerance. What do all of these traits have in common? Every one of them has emerged in the last 10,000 years.

... Human evolution in fact accelerated after civilization arose, ... and these ongoing changes have played a pivotal role in human history. They argue that biology explains the expansion of the Indo-Europeans, the European conquest of the Americas, and European Jews' rise to intellectual prominence. In each of these cases, the key was recent genetic change: adult milk tolerance in the early Indo-Europeans that allowed for a new way of life, increased disease resistance among the Europeans settling America, and new versions of neurological genes among European Jews.

Ranging across subjects as diverse as human domestication, Neanderthal hybridization, and IQ tests, Cochran and Harpending's analysis demonstrates convincingly that human genetics have changed and can continue to change much more rapidly than scientists have previously believed. A provocative and fascinating new look at human evolution that turns conventional wisdom on its head, The 10,000 Year Explosion reveals the ongoing interplay between culture and biology in the making of the human race. ...

force12 said...
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