Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Tim Worstall has spotted some economic illiteracy from Polly Toynbee.
2. Young Unionists on the disgraceful Eames/Bradley proposals.
3. Paul Waugh suggests Evan Davis is better qualified to run the country than Gordon Brown. He has nicer nipple clamps too.
4. Tom Harris on when it's right to say 'no' to the authorities.
5. Newmania reckons Martin Bright has been purged by the Talibrown.
6. Michael Meacher says it's time to take off the kid gloves with the banks.
7. PoliticalBetting on why Labour has slipped to a new low in the spread betting markets.
8. Guido reckons Paul Myners hates himself.
9. Robert Halfon on the implications of love-bombing the LibDems.
10. Cicero's Songs reckons everything in the economy needs to change.
11. John Redwood on the pros and cons of shopping till you drop.
12. Coffee House on the growing likelihood of a Tory majority.


Nigel said...

>>Cicero's Songs reckons everything in the economy needs to change.<<

No - everything in politics.

Matthew Parris has the most sensible line on the economy:

J said...

He has nicer nipple clamps too.


Newmania said...

Excellent Post by that Newmania. I like him

Owen Polley said...

Obviously any right-minded person will be clear that treating murderers the same as their victims is wrong. This is a symptom of a society where Republicans revisionism has become ingrained. The perpetrators of terrorism are not only in government, their past deeds are considered as acts of 'combat'.

DWaterson said...

"He has nicer nipple clamps too."

I believe the rumour is that Evan Davis has nipple piercings - could the clamps be a Freudian slip Iain?