Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Mihir Bose explains the politics of the England World Cup bid.
2. The Wardman Wire interviews Labour blogger and MP, Tom Harris.
3. Michael White reports from last night's Connect event and says there will be no snap election.
4. Jon Craig calls Geoff Hoon 'offensive'.
5. James Kirkup recounts the LibDems' apparent willingness to take 'dirty money'. Nothing wrong with that, says LibDem Voice's Stephen Tall.
6. O'Conall Street calls for new regulation of lobbying - in Northern Ireland as well as Westminster.
7. Jonathan Isaby warns against talk of a Tory landslide. He's right.
8. The ConHome list of 100 Tory Peers gets more bizarre by the day. Today's offering? Stuart Wheeler. Jeez.
9. John Rentoul is unimpressed by the "feeble" James Purnell.
10. Toby Harris asks if the Sunday Times was acting in the public interest.
11. Iain Martin says it's too late for a Brown Mea Culpa, even if he was incapable of delivering it.
12. Paul Waugh thinks the Tories should try an attack of headless chickens on Brown.

And 7 games unbeaten for the Happy Hammers, with Carlton Cole scoring 5 in 5. Happy days.

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