Monday, January 26, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Lobbydog on why Greenpeace's lobbying efforts on Heathrow have backfired.
2. Derek Draper on how the Lords 4 can learn from his own Lobbygate experience.
3. JailHouseLawyer has discovered another letter from Obama to Labour MP Dawn Butler.
4. Jonathan Sheppard reckons lobbying scandals are just as much down to politicians as lobbyists.
5. Richard Willis on Obama's radical gay rights agenda.
6. Stephen Pollard asks why the taxpayer subsidises the poisonous London Review of Books.
7. Dave Hill asks if Boris Island is a PR stunt or does Boris really believe in it?
8. Andrew Sparrow on Cameron's promise to debate his opponents in power.
9. Letters from a Tory writes to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.
10. Richard Spring spots some green shoots. Sadly there are in his garden.
11. New Direction tries to pretend that National Socialists weren't Socialists. But fails.
12. Fraser Nelson on a striking exchange between Boris and Sir Ian Blair.


Letters From A Tory said...

Thanks for the link, much appreciated.

Old Holborn said...

Hello hello

Beeb has just shown a bent Lord helping Experion, a credit agency, with the ID card legislation

Credit? Id Cards?


Iain. FETCH.

What the FUCK is a credit company doing with ID cards?

jailhouselawyer said...

Iain: Thanks for the link. "has discovered another letter from Obama to Labour MP Dawn Butler". Must rank as an understatement. It was created, which I suspect Dawn Butler did originally and you highlighted. My letter is proving something of an internet hit. Obviously, your link brought it to a wider audience. I find that as my audience grows stats-wise my ranking on Google mysteriously disappeared and my Technorati ranking goes down. Perhaps, it is time that a ranking system was created which is not dependent upon incoming and outgoing links. That is one based upon quality of posts.

Tom said...

"But fails."

Harsh words. How is this socialist? Hardly labour rights central, is it?