Friday, January 23, 2009

Fancy an Obama Brazilian?

The Sun reports this morning that on Inuaguration Day a BBC newsreader said this:

Everyone in Washington has got an Obama hat, an Obama scarf, an Obama T Shirt or an Obama muff.

Those waxing clinics must have been doing good business. Could it catch on here?

Or have I misunderstood? :) :)


Trend Shed said...

I'll phone the local waxing place and see if they are doing a "Gordon Brown".

Lever said...

What about a two-tone "Darling" using both natural colour and a bit of peroxide? ;)

Charlotte Corday said...

I had a "Cameron" done but it's starting to go a bit bald.

Raedwald said...

Is a 'Cable' the opposite of a 'Brazilian'?

Sue said...

I'm sick of this Obamamania already!

Chris said...

Does anyone else think the BBC played a clip of Aretha Franklin singing 'My count-tree, tis of thee,' paused like that, with malice aforethought?

Bill Quango MP said...

Wife asked for a Brazilian..
Looks a bit like that friend of Peter Mandelson.

Anonymous said...

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All Seeing Eye said...

You're all wimps.

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