Monday, January 19, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Lobbydog on what it's like to sleep with Alistair Darling.
2. Ben Wegg-Prosser criticises Brown's continued use of the 'do nothing' jibe.
3. Tom Harris has a pop at Jeff Randall, asking what if he worked at the BBC? Well he doesn't!
4. Dylan Jones-Evans on the state of the economy. Not happy reading.
5. John Redwood's having a bad day.
6. Mr Eugenides says Scottish Tories have Obama fever.
7. Iain Martin has a leaked transcript of the Clarke/Cameron/Osborne lunch conversation.
8. Cicero's Songs explains why Germany is moving liberal.
9. Danny Finkelstein on what Brown and Nixon have in common.
10. Dan Hannan says if Clarke can be on the front bench, what about 'Better Off Out' MPs?
11. James Kirkup speaks up for Dominic Grieve.
12. Douglas Carswell MP explains why he is going to publish his expenses.


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Anonymous said...

This is good - looks like Gordon has some earthworks going on in number 10! No not Cobbra but this: