Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. EU Referendum says we still don't get it. The cause of the economic crisis, that is.
2. Paul Waugh tips the excellent Michael Fallon to be the next chairman of the Treasury Select Committee.
3. Douglas Carswell highlights Andrew Tyrie's criticism of the Speaker.
4. Max Atkinson on a line he doesn't want to hear in Obama's speech.
5. Cicero's Songs on deflation, inflation and reflation.
6. Dan Hannan asks why we can't be more like the Germans.
7. David Osler asks why left wing magazines are so dull. Perhaps because they are often written by very dull people. :)
8. Jon Snow has a new blog. Nice style. A bit of substance wouldn't go amiss...
9. Trixy on her latest infatuation with David Miliband.
10. Tom Greeves on why it's rude for the BBC to interrupt.
11. Stephen Tall on Obama's speech.
12. Alex Massie reports two shameless attempts to climb aboard the Obama bandwagon.


Unknown said...

The Max Atkinson link is broken :)

Anonymous said...

I am a Eurosceptic but I am increasingly frustrated by the lack o fcoherence of EU Referendum. Just as lefties always come back to Thatcher, the EUR always come back to well the EU.

Me I prefer the simple and usually infallible route - its all Browns fault.

I notice McAvity and MiniMe were absent from Darlings statement yesterday. Telling sign.