Sunday, September 26, 2010

That Andrew Marr/Ed Milibrother Interview in Full

MARR: Good morning, Mr Milibrother. What would you like to say to the nation this morning?

MR ED: Good morning. I'd like to win the next election. Thank you. That is all.

MARR: Are you a Communist?

MR ED: Andrew, that's ridiculous. All Milibands are equal. But some are more equal than others.


Anonymous said...

Months ago I suggested labour would be mad not to pick EdM, so I feel quire smug.

However during the election Ed swing quite decisively to the left which made me think I was wrong. However no on the Marr Show he seemed to be repudiating all his lefty rhetoric from his election campaign.

How this will go down with the Brothers remains to be seen. Is he brave enough to repudiate Balls? He will never have a better chance.

Jim Baxter said...

Brown's speech was good. 'I take full reponsibility. Now, stop blaming me'. Isn't that what he said? He said something like it.

Mick Turatian said...

How cosy.

R4's World This Weekend just now had Shaun Ley interviewing Jackie Ashley (Mr Marr's Official Consort) and Kevin Maguire commenting on the EdM victory.

No indication of the publications these "experienced commentators" write for or their political leaning.

The eerie thing is that the BBC doesn't even notice its own bias any more.

Anonymous said...

word verification: subqwack

Sums up the new Liebour leader nicely - nothing more needs to be added :-)

Alex said...

Ed Miliband has all the vacuity of Blair and Cameron with none of the charisma. Just what the Conservative Party need.

Unknown said...

Brilliant, Iain. The bloody biased BBC strikes yet again. Worse than reading the Guardian. And look at the balance (ha ha) they achieved with their two columnists hired to review the papers. Pollyanna and Aaronovitch.

Ray said...

The scene is set for several years of Labour party in fighting, with the MP's crying "we didn't want you" the labour party membership saying the same, and the Unions in charge. Can he actually survive until 2014 ? They will be(including his brother)queuing up with the knives. Let's hope Cameron doesn't blow iy.

Maverick Ways said...

You forgot the most important bit:

"Before we move to the centre we have to define what the centre is."

The guy's a natural. Natural yoghurt that is.

Cynic said...

"he seemed to be repudiating all his lefty rhetoric"

classic reverse ferret