Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On my LBC Show From 7pm...

On my LBC show tonight from 7...

7.10pm The coming tube strike. Who's to blame and how can it be sorted out? I'll be talking to Ken Livingstone.

7.50 An interview with John Rentoul about David Miliband's decision.

8pm A Norfolk council has decided to stop the pay of its employees who nip out for a smoke. What next? Docking people's pay for going to the loo? The guest is Simon Clark from Forest.

8.30pm Have we lost our appetite to protest in this country? Peter Tatchell thinks not.

9pm The LBC Parliament is convened. An hour of political discussion with Tory MP Mary Macleod, Labour MP Gareth Thomas and Helen Duffett from LibDem Voice

You can listen to LBC on 97.3 FM in Greater London, DAB Radio in the Midlands, parts of the North, Glasgow & Edinburgh, Sky Channel 0124, Virgin Media Channel 973 or stream live at

To take part in the programme call 0845 60 60 973, text 84850, Email iain AT lbc DOT co DOT uk or tweet @lbc973

If you miss the programme and want to download it as a podcast (minus the ads!) click HERE. There is a £2 monthly charge but you have access to the entire LBC archive and schedule.


Ian said...

Your blog is becoming an advertisment for a radio show. I can't be the only one to notice this.

charles said...


You are putting up too many adverts for LBC but the unrelenting pressure swayed me to tune in just for once (973 on Virgin)

And I enjoyed it, seems fair and balanced with good guests

The black TV screen was a disappointment though, can we anticipate vision in the near future?

Iain Dale said...

Ian, Forgive me but hosting a three hour radio show every night is what I do. Many people who read this blog listen to my programme. I tell people what I am discussing in order to attract more listeners. Funny that!

I post once a day on this. Are you seriously suggesting I shouldn't?

Paul, see, I got you in the end :)