Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ashcroft Publishes Labour Research

Michael Ashcroft has tonight published a research paper titled What Future For Labour, in a bid, no doubt, to be very helpful to the new Labour leader. It shows the Labour movement at odds with swing voters. You can download it HERE.


Jimmy said...

So the people who voted for us have a higher opinion of us than the people who didn't?

He paid for this?

Red Rag said...

Whatever next from Lord Ashcroft....a £4 million donation to the Labour Party and a speech at the TUC?

The chap obviously has money to burn.

strapworld said...

Mr Ed (remember him?) will only take advice from Mr Crow and all!

Matt said...

Notice how Red Rag and Jimmy ignored what the report said? Or, knows so much already, that he might not even have bothered to read it?

They are perfect examples of what is wrong with Labour.

Fingers in ears, heads where the sun don't shine! Remarkable in their patheticness.

Jimmy said...


The central thesis is that people who voted Labour have different views of the party than those who didn't. Reminds me of the line in Fawlty Towers: Couldn't we get you on Mastermind? Sybil Fawlty: secilaist subject the bleeding obvious.