Friday, June 18, 2010

July Issue of Total Politics

The July issue of Total Politics is out today. You can read my interview with Alastair Campbell HERE, but I will be publishing a much longer version on the blog and on the TP website next week.

Do also read THIS superb article by Amber Elliott on the Labour leadership contest. It really is a cracking piece of journalism, in my opinion. Amber is our Political Correspondent.

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Timothy Belmont said...

Frankly I am fed up to the teeth at the sight of Campbell. the man must be touting an autobigraphy or some such thing.

Give it a few years, then buy it for a socialist relative at a bargain-basement £2 - still too dear.

TheMatureStudent said...

Iain Dale: "....about a quarter of this book has already appeared, hasn't it?"

Alistair Campbell: "No, 75 per cent is new."

Campbell just can't help himself, can he?

Tom Greeves said...

This answer blew my mind. Does he lie even when he's telling the truth?!

"ID: You've just published the first volume of your diaries, but about a quarter of this book has already appeared, hasn't it?
AC: No, 75 per cent is new."

Elby the Beserk said...

No Campbell thank you; the man is a pariah - please do not in future encourage the man by suggesting he might have anything useful to contribute to the rest of us.

He and his friend have a huge responsibility for debasing the political process in this country. He should be shunned.

Nick Drew said...

Amber's piece is good; I particularly liked

Charlie Whelan sits on the patio of the Hotel du Vin, nibbling on a gingerbread man

effortless poetry !

Unsworth said...

I'm sorry, nothing would induce me to read anything said or wtitten by this execrable specimen. He's a proven liar. Why should anyone believe a single word?

The sooner he fades into oblivion the better. Maybe his views can be considered at some stage in the far distant future by those with stronger stomachs than mine. But I hope I'll be long gone before that happens.

Irene said...

Sorry Iain, I think you have tainted this blog with that err... man Campbell

Me said...

Read an interview with the man who has done more to debase public office than any other in the last decade? (even including Mandelson)
I'd rather pull my toenails out.

Jimmy said...

I'm always amused at the number of posts Alistair invariably provokes to the effect that the poster has no interest in him.

Excellent interview btw.