Saturday, June 05, 2010

2010 Blog Survey Results: You

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to fill in my 2010 blogreaders survey. More than 3,000 of you did and I thank you. I'll be posting some of the results here over the weekend.

  • 84% of you are male, (identical to 2009)
  • 92% of you are in the UK (-)
  • 23% of you are in London (-), 19% in the South East (-), 7% in Scotland (-1), 3% in Wales (-), 1% in Northern Ireland (-1)
  • 13% of you are age 16-25 (-3), 26-35, 19% (-2), 36-45, 20% (-), 46-55, 21% (+2), 56-65 19% (+3) and 8% older than 65 (-)
  • 14% (-3%) of you are retired and 10% (+1) of you are students
  • The most common income range is £25-£50,000 (28%), but 9% of you earn more than £100,000 - identical to 2009
  • 5% of you never travel abroad wile 7% of you travel abroad at least once a month
  • 18% of you never buy political books. 16% of you buy at least one a month.
  • 26% of you do not own a car.
All the figures in brackets show the difference to the 2009 survey.

Note: 3,100 of you took part in this survey


Gareth said...

but 9% of you earn more than £100,000 - identical to 2009

I would have thought that would have come down in the wake of the expenses scandal. I suppose that the operative word is 'earn'.

John Demetriou said...

Gripping stuff. I'll screenshot this and mount it on my wall. Truly amazing revelations. Much like your usual stuff.

Keep this up. I could do with welcoming your bored readers through my door.


Libertarian said...

So what you are saying from your stats is that people who are interested in politics are mostly.

White, middle aged males. Kinda f*cks up the need for quotas, 50% female and party short lists chosen from "uninterested" groups in society really

Praguetory said...

So to summarise, in the last year your readers have aged, but haven't had a sex change.

charles said...

Well I find it interesting Iain

And as a white middle aged male I feel I fit right in :)

Unknown said...

Where do the 47% live whose locations are not mentioned? I live in the South West as defined in your questionnaire.
The feedback is appreciated by this reader despite the cynicism of some who should lighten up. It takes all sorts..