Monday, June 07, 2010

Presenting on LBC This Evening

I'll be presenting the LBC evening show tonight from 7.15-10pm as Petrie Hosken is off ill. In the 8-9 hour the studio guests will be three bloggers, Alex Hilton (LabourHome), Harry Cole (Tory Bear) and Helen Duffett (LibDem Voice).

You can listen on 97.3fm if you are in London, or on DAB in most of the country, on Sky Channel 0124 or stream it live at

Or you can watch Coronation Street.

UPDATE: Running order...

7.15-8pm: Is our immigration system broke?
8-9pm: Bloggers' Panel
9-9.30pm: Was the Greencoat Boy publican within his rights to refuse to serve a gay group?
9.30-10pm: Why are award winning novels so miserable?

Phone in to the programme 0845 60 60 973 email text 84850


Anonymous said...

Good I think I will tune in to this!

Anonymous said...

Who would be fool enough to watch Coronation Street when they could watch you?

Boris wants people to lobby J K Rowling, because the Harry Potter theme park is in Florida, instead of in its rightful home somewhere in the UK. I'm just saying.......

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Greencoat Boy story is Baroque to say the least. I find it incredible that the manager of a pub should seek to bar people because they are gay, so what is the real story?

One fact that has emerged is that the group displayed a rainbow flag in the pub. I wonder, were they asked to take it down? Is that the real story?

Elby the Beserk said...

"Is our immigration sstem broke?"

Yes, as is our education system. That would be "broken", of course.