Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Tuesday

1. Muslim Politics on why Britain's Islamic finance industry has flopped.
2. Antony Little speculates on the coalition's first hurdle.
3. Ignacity on the IPSA chief who should be fired.
4. Party Lines wonders whether Ken has the mayoral nomination sewn up.
5. Danny Finkelstein the most damning official biography of a PM ever written.
6. Dan Hannan admits he was wrong to back Barack.


Paul Burgin said...

Dan Hannan supported Obama?!?

Tapestry said...

Obama's rhetoric was of more choice being made available, or levelling with people.

It was a class act.

I made the same mistake as Hannan. It was a case of wanting to believe what he was saying. We were getting desperate for some hope after ten years of Blair and Brown and more and more EU. John Redwood fell for the cunning sod for a while also, but quickly spotted his mistake.

He is America's Blair - all talk about less government, but all you get is more government.