Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Mark Reckons John Redwood has been taken out of context by the Daily Mail and deluded blogger Sunny Hundal.
2. Armchair Politics has received a bizarre email from Diane Abbott.
3. Ed Staite on why the Guardian should get off its high horse.
4. Crossfire on lies, damned lies and politics.
5. Valleys Mam on the LibDems and Short Money
6. FT Westminster Blog has the makeup of the new select committees.
7. Ambush Predator on how the ghastly Vera Baird tries to escape a driving ban.
8. Guido Fawkes on the Times paywall of death.
9. Paul Waugh on Diane Abbott's taxi claims.
10. Party Lines interviews the Labour candidates for London mayor.
11. The Staggers on Australi's first woman PM.
12. Propa Politics thinks Tim Farron is in denial.

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