Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live Stream from Queen's Speech Forum

Today Total Politics & Policy Review TV are hosting a Queen's Speech Forum at the QEII Conference Centre. Just click on the above link to watch the live stream. You can feed in questions via the Twitter hashtage #qs2010


10am Professor Tony Travers (LSE) & Dr John Philpott (CBI)
What long term trends does the speech signal/open up?

11am Danny Finkelstein (The Times) and Neil O'Brien (Policy Exchange)
What can we tell about reform from choice of bills and the speech?

1.30 Francis Maude MP (Cabinet Office), Dame Margaret Eaton (LGA), Andrew Haldenby (Reform), Ben Lucas (2020 Public Services Trust
How wil the role of senior public service management change? How will greater transparency change leadership? What new kinds of leaders are signalled in the bills?

2.15 John Hayes MP (BIS), David Docherty (CIHE), Pat Bacon (AOC)
How will universities & research be challenged? How will the demand for increased skills in the workforce be met?

3.30 Lord Freud (Minister for Welfare Reform), Richard Exell (TUC)
What are the key feature omn work and welfare.

4.15 Eric Pickles MP (DCLG), David Clark (SOLACE), Irene Lucas (DCLG)
What will radical localism mean in practice.

6pm Dermot Finch (Centre ofr Cities), How far will localism go? Where will be in 5 years based on this Queen's Speech?


p smith said...

Just a quick post script on David Laws. This from his own blog on his relationship.

"It will be wonderful that I can now introduce the person I love and value above all others to my family and friends. I shall always be grateful to the Daily Telegraph for that"

So much for being inconsequential buddies and not akin to a spouse. I think we safely conclude that there will be a finding against him and that there will be no return to the cabinet. If the corollary is that he finds some happiness, then I wish him the best of luck.

thebluemenace said...

pointless without audio.

javelin said...

I don't think the UK public, nor the EU, Us or global public, nor banking leaders, nor politicians are prepared for the levels of fiscal retrenchment in the UK, Eu and US.

In the UK we are about to embark on cuts of £150 bn off our own back. In the EU the bond markets are forcing restructuring. In the US cuts have been small but on going for the past 3 years, but the significant cuts are about to be made after the up coming elections.

Nor are they prepared for growth, inflation and expansionism from the BRIC countries. Imported inflation will be high following the ceiling breaking payrises from China of 70% in one factory. China is a country with a political cap, a country of money minded people and heavily populated by only children - who are by nature selfish.

Whilst the private sector will grow the public sector changes and the scale of the negative feedback will weaken growth. The current growth prediction of > 2% is apolitical. That is to say the Bank doesn't yet take into account fiscal retrenchment.

We are about to enter a major adjustment in global income, wealth and expectations. I don't think you can blame the Tories for the highly inflated value of the UK due to high debt. I see for example constant falls in house prices for several years as young people no longer have high wealth expectations.