Sunday, June 13, 2010

Podcast: The 7 Days Show Episode 28

The lastest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show (episode 28) is now online. In this week's episode we talk about the Labour leadership election and the inclusion of Diane Abbott; Ed Balls being in second place (surely not); President Obama and BP; Elections of the Chairmen and Women of the Parliamentary Select Committees; an IPSA resignation; Andy Coulson and his package (behave listeners) and finally Lord Ashcroft and the book that does or does not exist.

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Tapestry said...

More sombre mood this week, no doubt caused by relations with the USA, on and off pitch. I never understood why Brits imagine this big friendship thing with the US. All the baddies in Hollywood movies have always had upper class British accents since year dot. America;s view of Britain always was nuanced.

Obama's grandfather was a Kikuyu Mau Mau fighter, tortured by the British. He has no problem in tapping into American dislike of Brits.

It's a love/hate relationship. We 'love' them, or is it their money, and their size. They hate us, apart from our accents and our royalty.

Actually Americans are just getting angry anyway with their economy. I am sure we are providing a good temporary scapegoat. It used to be France and Freedom Fries. Now it's our turn with Brutish Petroleum. It's our traditions they cannot stand. I mean how can a small island of then 20 million people have created the modern world. It's not fair. America just cannot compete with that, even with all her money.