Friday, June 18, 2010

Quote of the Day: Susan Kramer

"I have never supported increase on VAT.
If we have to accept the unacceptable,
I will look at it and make a decision"

Susan Kramer

Er, Susan, love. You're no longer an MP. Get over it. We don't care about your decision!


Unknown said...

You may not Ian but she represents the view of a large number of LD's including likely one cabinet member

remember their election poster if the VAT rise goes in how can they defend that ?

James Cooper said...

And neither are you. But it's all cool I suppose, you're a blogger.

Stephen Morris said...

I struggled to get your point. I guess it was that as she wasn't an MP she isn't in a position to make decisions.

Actually she can make decisions about her own position, as can everyone else. It's not as though she was ever in government.

A bit of silly nonsense from you this time, normally you do much better.

Are you able to make decisions despite not being an MP twice?

James Chard said...

Self awareness classes going well then, Iain?!

Grand_Inquisitor said...

She's got the politicians' disease: "Delusions of Grandeur".

Keep taking the tablets...

Tapestry said...

The state can try to raise taxes, but the effect will be to increase the size of the black economy yet further.

A friend of mine who runs a hotel says more and more people are paying with bags of cash.

That's before any further rises. Sales tax should be 5% at most. Or people simply step around it in greater and greater numbers.

The idea is to raise revenue surely. Tax should be set at the efficient rate, where it raises money, not used as a device to kill off the growth of trade, or equalise society.

If we left the EU, VAT could be abolished, and replaced with sales tax set and raised by the local councils.

Libertarian said...


Ah, you don't do democracy, I see.

She stood on behalf of that large number of LD's and the PEOPLE told that large number of LD's what they could do with their policies.

Do you see how it works?

For clarification I personally also vehemently disagree with a hike in VAT it would kill the economic recovery stone dead but for once I agree with Iain about the silliness of Susan Kramer's statement

Unsworth said...

What 'decision'? To jump off a cliff? Never to go shopping again? To have a tantrum? What, exactly?

What on earth has this woman done for the benefit of the nation? Why should anyone listen to her snivelling? Seems to me she's just another on-the-make local politico with precious little breadth of vision and absolutely no understanding of the nation's plight

Unknown said...

I have no doubt Susan will be back and Zac out.

Nich Starling said...

Iain, she was asked he views and gave it.

Sadly, she could not rely on inherited wealth and millions kept from UK taxpayers by being a "Non Dom", which was what her Tory opponenent had.

Paddy Briggs said...

What she means, I'm sure, is what she says. She looks at the merits of a case and makes a personal decsion. So do I. And so do you.

Your post here Iain is rather offensive although SK can look after herself I'm sure.

Brian said...

Is there a variation on the exorcism rites to guide ex-MPs who aren't aware they lost into the ordinary afterlife? Something along the lines of "Walk away from the piles of money and join the queue."

Bill Quango MP said...

Lefty Dems seem a little put out.

why not just just join the Labour party and put yourselves out of your own misery?
If enough 'Northern' dems go to Labour it will make the likelihood of a socialist government soon much more likely, and will enable the Libs in the West to not to have to adopt a contrary position on every issue.

Unknown said...

@Libertarian Kramer represents a strong strand in LD thinking, a strand I know is very unhappy at the moment but keeping quiet for the sake of unity.

However I know personally two LD councillors who are on the verge of quitting the party and going independent, they would never go to labour.

So Kramer is very relevant for what she represents. She said this on a discussion with Ed Miliband on cuts that the two governing parties REFUSED to send an elected rep to.

Do I have to remind you of the poster Clegg and Cable stood under just a few weeks ago. they may try and use the lame excuse of unknown blackholes but this is not backed up with any proof and the OBR broadly confirmed the economic state as of Darlings last budget.

I sense a feeling from the governments supporters a certain burying of the head in the sand with regards to the LD support especially as Hughes has set him self up as the unofficial opposition.

Paddy Briggs said...


As the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months you seem to get more and more deranged....

Unsworth said...

@ Paddy Briggs

Deranged? Yes indeed, I'm sure you 'think' that - I don't really care that much.

As to 'offensive' posts, well this is not a gentlemen's club, is it? For that matter, have you ever been inside one?

What's 'offensive' about pointing out that this woman has effectively been thrown out by her constituency electors and her 'thoughts' are of therefore of almost no consequence.

If she chooses to leave her Party as a result of finding its actions intolerable there will no doubt be universal wailing and gnashing of teeth - but not by its membership. In any event, the LibDems are in power in a coalition with the Conservatives, so her presence is entirely superfluous.

Danny Law said...

love it iain - nice one

i hate pomposity - and you punctured it brilliantly there

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

If you don't care about what she thinks, why have you just made her "quote of the day"?

Oh, and by the way: it wasn't just the Lib Dems that railed against raising VAT:

Libertarian said...

@Paddy Briggs

Oh for goodness sake at least learn to read.

You try to claim Kramer is sticking by her principles when the statement she put out says exactly the opposite.

"I have never supported increase on VAT.
If we have to accept the unacceptable,
I will look at it and make a decision"

She starts with a definate, I have never and ends with I will look at it and see.....what? Doh

In other words I've always been against it, but I may change my mind

Libertarian said...

@Paddy Briggs

Talk about being offended. The LibDems have only got 50 odd seats and have only been in govt a couple of weeks and already Laws and Huhne have both been caught cheating.

Huhne has to go by the way as the LibDems hassled Tories like Parkinson, Mellor etc who cheated on their wives.

Blimey Paddy at this rate there won't be any LibDems left to sit in the cabinet by Christmas

Matt said...

What she means, I'm sure, is what she says. She looks at the merits of a case and makes a personal decsion. So do I. And so do you.

To do what? Refuse to pay the increase?

John Babb said...

A pathetic post - presumably she was the only ConDem prepared to be on the Newsnight discussion. Why was no MP on the programme instead? But what is it that makes you so angry ? Misogyny?