Monday, June 07, 2010

Election for the Three Deputy Speakers

As far as I know, 'Red' Dawn Primarolo is the only woman to put herself forward in the election for three Deputy Speakers tomorrow, so even if she comes bottom of the ballot she will triumph. Nice, eh? And what a reward for one of the worst performing ex Labour ministers.

One of the other positions, the chief Deputy Speaker will also go to a Labour MP, with the Conservatives guranteed only one position on the basis that the Speaker is also a Conservative. Vying for the position will be Nigel Evans, Roger Gale and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, although I don't think nominations have closed yet.

Nigel Evans is popular with Labour MPs and would certainly be an entertaining choice, while Roger Gale has built up a good reputation on the Speaker's Panel. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is a popular MP but doesn't really have a USP in this election.

The Labour MPs fighting for the non-female position are Lindsay Hoyle, Tom Clarke, Marsha Singh, George Howarth and Tom Clarke. Lindsay Hoyle seems to be attracting the hot money, but it's difficult to predict who will come through.

UPDATE: Dods are hosting a hustings for the deputy speaker roles this evening between 17:00- 18:00. All MPs have been invited to attend this event. They have 7 nominees confirmed (Marsha has said that he is standing but does not want to attend the hustings: UPDATE-he is now attending) and around 50 MPs confirmed.

UPDATE: I understand that Sir Ming Campbell is heading Nigel Evans's list of nominators.


Ian M said...

Red Dawn as Deputy Speaker. LOL. As it is the fact that one position guarantees the election of a Woman as one the Deputies, this is a piece of Harmanism that should be immediately redacted.

One wonder's what John Reid would have thought about her in this position?

Anonymous said...

One of the worst performing ministers? Wow, that is quite an achievment.

David Morris said...

How come the Lib Dems don't get a position? Wouldn't it make things more balanced if each of the three major parties had a deputy speaker?

William said...

Tom Clarke: words fail me--almost.
Another West of Scotland Labour trougher, not much different from ex-Speaker Martin.

Quickly saw the advantages of taking an interest in matters which would require him to spend large amounts of time in foreign climes.

No chance of him ever being impartial.

Cantstandcant said...

Anne McIntosh is standing, so bang goes your first sentence, probably! Full list of candidates off the Parliament website here:

LDS said...

So now if Dawn Primarolo comes last and is eliminated, Anne McIntosh will be automatically elected as the sole remaining woman (even if she is 2nd last).

This would eliminate Nigel Evans, Roger Gale and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (even if they were 1st, 2nd and 3rd) for being Conservatives.

This voting system seems to be riddled with anomalies!