Monday, March 08, 2010

Fight, Fight & Fight Again to Save the Country We Love

Ben Brogan has an interesting blogpost analysing the current Tory position HERE. He reckons that Tory Command has lost its ability to fight and is allowing Labour to dominate the agenda.

He's right that they need to pick themselves up and rediscover the ability to fight. The next 60 days are going to be determine the future of our country, and all Conservatives need to rally round and fight as if their lives depended on it. That's true whether you're a candidate in a marginal seat, a volunteer delivering leaflets or part of David Cameron's inner circle.

Just imagine how you would feel on May 7th to wake up to find the country faced another five years of Gordon Brown?

What better incentive could there be for us all to go that extra mile for the 'party and country we love'?*

* With apologies to Hugh Gaitskell

PS Apologies but blogging with be light to non existent today, as I am preparing for my interview with Nick Griffin this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Cameron is in a rotten position. How can he fight someone who uses truth and lies as interchangeable weapons in the war to win the next election?

If I were Cameron, I would prepare half a dozen very simple questions, learn what the factual answers are, and then ask them as often and embarrassingly as possible.

Also he needs a Rottweiler to turn on Mandelson - not to answer his ludicrous points, but to ask the really difficult questions - like were does his money come from?

David Davis?

Certainly they need the street fighters to get down and dirty and rough up the shameless liars opposit.

happiness said...

Many voters can't see much difference between the parties. As long as there's no or little choice,they will tend to stick with the status quo. Unless Cameron states his position and that of the party, he will continue to be seen as just another Blair wannabe.

DeeDee99 said...

The Tories don't have an attack dog.

They need a Norman Tebbit-type - someone who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. Someone who talks the language of the 'common man' and who doesn't mind a scrap. Someone who will show Lord Putrid up for the liar he is.

I can't think of anyone in the Shadow Cabinet who fits the bill. That's why they're losing the fight. You can't take on Labour in a street fight, by trying to apply the Queensbury Rules. Labour don't follow them.

Tebbit won't appear because of Dave's pro-EU agenda. But bring back David Davis at the very least. Role out Major and Heseltine against Mandy occasionally and if possible, get Guido Fawkes on the telly to tell it like it is a bit more often - preferably when Prescott is loud-mouthing off.

Albert said...

Maybe Dave is starting to think " do we really want to win this election".

Johnny Norfolk said...

The Tories under Cameron appear far to much like New labour Mk2. The current old Labour are running rings round them. If you want to win you have to fight. My late father used to say to me if someone is attacking you and you are in real danger if you see a brick pick it up and hit him with it, or anything to hand.

The leadership are like frightened rabbits, but with people like May, Letwin and othres is it any wonder. they are uber wets.

Where are the street fighters.

Manfarang said...

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James Chard said...

"I am preparing for my interview with Nick Griffin this afternoon."

Good luck with that and I hope you get the job.

Remember, first impressions count so do remember to rub some lard into your face, develop and lazy eye and smile occasionally in a sinister fashion - they seem to like that sort of thing.

Twig said...

Dave doesn't seem to believe in anything in particular except trying to be all things to all men.

He's far too PC.

On the plus side though, he's good at memorising speeches.

Is it true that he has something in common with John Bercow - i.e. his wife is a labour supporter?
Wouldn't surprise me.

Neil said...

Iain, you have highlighted the problem. It is not obvious what the Tories are fighting FOR. You said:

'Just imagine how you would feel on May 7th to wake up to find the country faced another five years of Gordon Brown?'

That seems to be all that the Tories can articulate and it's a bit vacuous. You say 'fighting to save the country' but the truth is that you really only seem to be saying 'fighting to save the campaign and get the Tories in power'. The Tories want power, but dont seem to know why apart from the fact that they dont want Labour to have it any more.

cassandra said...

I love our country,its people,its way of life,its contribution to civilisation,its heroes,its history.
I will not be voting Tory and if that means that Brown is relected then so be it.
I do not like liars,deceivers,charlatons,slick willies,flimflam blame shifters and two faced elitists.
Mr Cameron lied to us about his true intentions regarding the EU referendum and the illegal EU constitution, he then lied about lying and tried to cover his lies by first blaming others and then being silent about it(do you think he was joking when he congratulated that fool Ashton?).
The simple truth is that no government can bind its successor, only the British people can decide to hand over our soveignty and submit to foreign domination.

Why vote for a poor fake B£air substitute? Why vote for a closet euro federalist? Why vote for a 'progressive' post democratic common purpose globalist pseudo socialist?
Cameron thinks he no longer needs the traditional Tory grassroots voter he so obviously despises as little Englander bigots, he thinks that he can appeal to the new centre left? They are welcome to him!

The Purpleline said...

Iain- the problem with the Tory party is due to David Camerons good upbringing they are acting as gentlemen and believe Labour wil fight on the same terms.

The things the Tory party should say and do.

1) If elected they will hod a judicial inquiry into the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

2) They will hold a judicial inquiry into the economic mismanagement of the economy

3)They will hold an inquiry into Glasgow City Council

4) They will hold an inquiry into Union influence in government policies from 1997-2010

5) An inquiry into Mandelson when he was a commissioner at the EU

With the terms of reference being broad and with criminal charges being available at the end of the inquiry with a time limit of 9 months per inquiry.

6) Pass a law in the parliament that all Prime Ministers will undergo regular health checks and can be stopped from being PM should they nt pass the health check, including mental health check.

7) They will use the referendum on political voting to ask the question on Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish independence as well as England's continuing membership of the EU
8) Promise to make Friday and Saturday English only sessions in Parliament.

P.S. On a slightly different not I can see Venables case causing the downfall of this government, it is a basic own goal to attack for teh Tory party. Blunket must be held to account as well as Jack Straw.

Twig said...

...rub some lard into your face, develop and lazy eye...

It's not a lazy eye James, it's a glass eye.

Anonymous said...

Labour is a cornered beast and will stop at nothing in its desperation to cling to the only thing it craves, power.

However, let's not run away with the idea that the British people are so credulous that they will seriously allow this incompetent shower of liars, back-stabbers and traitors another five years in power. I cannot, will not, believe that.

Once in office, though, a Conservative government's first and principal task must be to ensure we step back from the abyss of Peter Hitchens' Weimar Republic.

Robert said...

'What better incentive could there be for us all to go that extra mile for the 'party and country we love'?*

I have decided not to vote Conservative because Cameron has sold out the country I love and I do not recognise his Conservative Party anymore.

I 'd vote for Tebbit.

Springheel said...

Personally, I think the Tories chose the wrong David when they had the chance. Rather than being wheeled out as Dave's rottweiler, perhaps Mr Davis should be your leader. I can imagine he would have been less slick and perhaps less popular with the young mums of Middle England, but I can't see him getting caught in the position that Cameron and co have found themselves.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

A vote for Cameron is a vote for more of the same, so 5 more years of Labour and its ultimate self-destruction is preferable to The Heir To Blair.

Paddy Briggs said...

Johnny N asks where the street fighters are. Well I think that they may be in and around Victoria Street and that they answer to names like Mandy and Alastair!

Anonymous said...

Slogans for DC: Immigration, Immigration and Immigration.. Crime, Crime and Crime. These two are suffice to resonate with voters. DC is timid to say these.

Unknown said...

Iain said,
"Just imagine how you would feel on May 7th to wake up to find the country faced another five years of Gordon Brown?"

Actually it would be good news.

Brown will have to dig himself out of the holes he has made especially for Cameron, then the IMF will have to take over.

Enter Cameron, with a Liebour party dead in the water for the next 10-15 years.

Of course, we will get fed up with DC in about 10-15 years and the cycle will begin all over again. Depressing is it not?

Come back Guy Fawkes all is forgiven:-)
(No not him, the original one).

Gerry57 said...

Where is David Davis ?
When are they going to let him out of the attic ?

Anonymous said...

It certainly has, Iain.

You have to wonder why the Tories want to nationalise independent schools and stop selection on ability.

Have they lost their tiny minds? Or do they want to lose the election?

Jimmy said...

"Where is David Davis ?"

Ah that's Iain's secret news! He's been reappointed as Davis' leadership campaign manager. Just in case...

Anonymous said...

I simply dont agree with Brogans thought about losing the will to fight etc.

The simple matter of fact is Labour have re-employed spin and all that Mandelson nonsense to attack the Tories to divert attention from how things actually are at the moment in the country.

The problem is the media are being spun a line about the Tories having problems. This is Labours line of attack and it is being used to try and make Tories feel dispondent etc. Dont listen to this rubbish about the media campaign. Dont you think it is rather useful for Labour if the media talk about the Tory campaign?

Anyway if we are talking about campaigns, why is Brown breaking one of his his vows on spin and media manipulation?

Benedict White said...

I will not be waking up on the 7th of May facing another 5 years of Gordon Brown, because the election will not be until the 10th of June :)

Gut Instincts said...

What is most frustrating and depressing is the lack of attack. Where's the anger? More than that, where is the sustained, relentless and venomous attack on Labour's nastiness? On his deceit? On its..... etc etc etc.

All we seem to get is regular and increasingly repetitive statements of high-minded intent, of noble commitment, of determination to..... well, anything but give as the visceral edge that this country is so desperately needs. I'm beginning to think that England's only real saviour lies in Scottish independence -- that at least would give us English independence! Then, by God, you seek changes!