Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Pack wonders if Dawn Butler's expenses will lose her her seat.
2. Tory Politico updates us on his battle with Politico.com.
3. Vikas Pota on why Ahok Kumar mattered.
4. Anthony Wells writes in defence of polling.
5. Party Lines talks to Anna Arrowsmith.
6. Paul Waugh on a bad day for Mr Speaker.
7. LibDem Voice on why Colin Firth has defected from Labour.
8. Daily Referendum outlines how UNITE is going against the wishes of its members.
9. Max Atkinson on how NOT to introduce a speaker.
10. Events, Dear Boy is waiting for Mandelson.
11. Dizzy wonders if John Mann is a wanker. Having met him, I'd venture to say yes.
12. Beau Bo D'Or has a visual take on the new LibDem election slogan.

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Andy JS said...

Apologies for posting off-topic:

Re. saving election night, it's been announced that the Highland region will be counting on the night:


The region covers 3 of the largest seats in the UK. Maybe another reason for Reading, Northampton and Milton Keynes to think again about delaying their counts?