Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outrageous, I Say!

Bloody hell! Can a boy be any more humiliated than this?! The Observer's Toby Helm has listed his Top Ten Blogs. And guess what? I'm not in it* and Kerry McCarthy (who is surely the template for Geraldine Dreadful MP) is! Bloody lefties. All the same :). How anyone can think her blog is better than Tom Harris's I don't know. Anyway, I've just about recovered from the shock so I thought I'd ask who your ten favourite bloggers are. Here are mine, in no particular order...

Tom Harris
Paul Waugh
Tim Montgomerie
Alex Smith
Nadine Dorries
Hopi Sen
Ben Brogan
Nich Starling

* For the avoidance of doubt, my tongue is firmly in my cheek


Moriarty said...

I've always thought Geraldine Dreadful was Glenda Jackson.

No -I mean it. I always thought she WAS Glenda Jackson.

The usual perormance from Marr this morning. I note that the BBC went back to January to produce a Newsnight clip intended to embarrass Hammond about the proposed bank tax. They need only have contrasted remarks made by Byrne and Mendaciouissen within the last week to stand up a "Labour split on future tax rises" story. Needless to say it wasn't mentioned (unless they mentioned it in the minute I took to fetch the needles from the cupboard prior to inserting them into my eyes - an essential distraction when watching Marr "interview" a senior Labour factotum).

Anonymous said...

Not outrageous, just another symptom of the hysteria surrounding Guardian Towers at the thought of even the possibility of a Tory win.
The Guardian has become so biased that apart from one or two columnists - occasionaly - it's hardly worth reading.

Anonymous said...

John Redwood
Coffee House
Paul Waugh
Norman Tebbit

That's nine; my tenth would be anyone except: annoying Dorries, annoying lefties, and anybody else who annoys!

Benny said...

pfft! Well now I'm offended! Where was mine?

The only blogs I have on my bookmark toolbar are:

Iain Dale
Political Betting
Con Home.

Oh and mine, Cardiff Blogger ;-)

James Armstrong said...

In No particular order...

Norfolk Blogger
Mrs Dale
Obo the Clown
Old Holborn
Devil's kitchen
The Fat Councillor
Dizzy Thinks
Coffee House
Political Betting

DeeDee99 said...

The Orange Party
Letters from a Tory
Tom Harris
Iain Dale
Norman Tebbitt
Dan Hannan
Mike Smithson/Political Betting
Coffee House

Anonymous said...

Behind the mad Nadine.... ewwwww it must hurt.

But never mind mate. Munguin's Republic doesn't seem to appear either...

And I have feelings too!

Unsworth said...

Be fair. Helm has listed his favourite blogs.

There's no accounting for taste.

Anonymous said...

You put Starling on your list but all he does is bitch at you and encourage his commentators to do the same. As ever Mr Dale - far too soft.

You may as well be hung as a sheep as a lamb.

Nayan said...

Haha, 'Sir' Michael White, what an absolute prat, can't see what he has to warrant his inclusion on such a list. Also lol Kerry McCarthy!

1st - Guido
2nd - Iain Dale!
3rd - Political Betting
4th - ConHome
5th - Brogan
6th - Fink

After that they all pretty much suck...

Unknown said...

Here are mine, in no particular order...

What! And Freedom2Choose blogspot is not in your top ten? How remiss of you Iain!!!

Maybe the Observer thinks you are not gay enough, butch enough or just plain not crazy enough to be 'in there sights.'

However you see it you will get over this oversite rather quickly.

Chin up and all that.

Alan Douglas said...

Is there no justice in the world ? A top ten without the doyen of the top-ten-listers in it ? Disgraceful.

Wait 'til the conservatives get in ....

Alan Douglas

WV press esc

Jobbing Doctor said...

Nor am I, but I don't do politics.

Newmania said...

Hopi Sen
Coffee House
Tim Worstall
Bob Piper

Iain Dale
Political Betting

Others ... those are the regulars

Unknown said...

Something I said Iain?

Danny Law said...

i suspect its just the usual partisan approach from the guardian types-

if you notice the tory blogs listed tended to be of the liberal persuasion and guido was only included because he cant be ignored.

im afraid ian your blog is too dangerous to list for a lefty. i suspect you represent the opinion of the bulk of most naturally inclined tories. worse of all from the lefty perspective, your ideas chime with ordinary people in a way brogan and the fink's do not. both of who seem to come from that political elite that ignores the values of the general public.

never mind. i think you should take it as a compliment. would you really want to be on a list with kerry mccarthy and 'sir' michael white.

Frugal Dougal said...

Guido's too vulgar for my tastes, so here's my top ten:

Nick Hillman
Richard Normington
Coleridge Conservatives
Damian Thompson
John Smeaton
Centre for Policy Studies
Social Affairs Unit
Burke's Corner

kasou said...

till amazes me how the BBC can continue to claim any non-bias. Ashcroft 7- 8 days coverage, lord Paul 0, this story we will see, and Humphreys needs to learn how to interview, we are not interested in his opinion but that of the interviewee...but then if its not Mandeliar, not he nor Newsnight can help but fawn.. makes an ex-pat like me sick to have them as a lead to UK politics.

But you say why do I bother...well I AM ENGLISH STILL: NOT SCOTTISH; NOT IRISH; NOT WELSH, and I find myself wondering why I should be proud.

CalumCarr said...

No accounting for taste, Iain. Some love you, others know you're smug.

Nicki UK (Trans Authoress) said...

As I only read a few here are mine

Joint 1st Guido
Joint 1st Iain Dale
3rd John Redwood
4th Politics Home

and very much in last place Alistar Campbell

Osama the Nazarene said...

In a definite order:

Mr Dale
Dan Hannan
Steph Flanders
Coffee House
John Redwood

The rest I dip into on your or Guido's recommendation (i.e. from the Dozen or Seen Elsewhere) or occasionally the comments.

And I do agree with Dave's new policy on the banks! There are real nuggets of policy there waiting for brown's whistle!

Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

Can see a rough similarity between her and Ms McCarthy, both of them use big, long words that might confuse you. However, Ms McCarthys grammar and content is far superior to Ms Dreadful's.

Having read a few of Ms Dreadful's rants, are you sure she's not based on the bizzare and downright rude Nadine Dorries?