Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Tuesday

1. Graeme Archer says "No poofs here, thanks very much".
2. Pink News is carrying an extract of my Nick Griffin interview on gay issues.
3. Charles Crawford on what's wrong with lobbying.
4. Dizzy on crowdsourcing the budget.
5. Party Lines analyses the Debate 2010 website.
6. Danny Finkelstein defends Hoon and Morgan.


Malcolm Clarke said...

Please tell me the back story.

Why is "Daley" spelt the way it is in your half dozen and dozen best blogs each day and not "daily"?


Jason Myers said...

Wow lots of gay stuff in these blogs lol

Nick Griffin? I don't agree with him but it's his view & the view of many people so he should be allowed to give it. Don't like it? Don't vote for him. I know I never will.

I'm gay but I don't want people branded a criminal because they don't agree with my sexuality. Freedom of speech/thought is the most important thing to democracy in my view. It's that woman's business it's up to her who she accepts! Over-regulation!!!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Is it ok to set up a B&B or hotel and then refuse people you don't like?

This sort of thing comes up all the time. Not so long ago it was some terrible shit hole that refused a serviceman a room for the night, on the basis that he was, wait for it, a serving soldier.

Then it was the case of the fake Muslim woman, cum ex hippie, cum bugger knows what, who decided to exact revenge on some Christians.

And of course its now the Gays, who you will no doubt now know, are responsible for the collapse of morale in the entire forces of the United Nations.

I don't do a lot of Bed and Breakfast joints, but it has always been a mystery to me why anybody would want anybody else in their homes.

The problem is, the arbitraryness of society and its mores. Suppose there was a BNP convention in town and they tried to make a block booking at a hotel. Would it be ok to refuse them?

On what grounds should a proprietor be allowed to pick and chose his punters?

I am with Graham Archer on this. The market should decide. If I visit the website of an establishment that declares "no poofters" I shall decline to give it my (straight) business.

We need solidarity in this world, and a recognition that we are all, in some way, outsiders. If we give comfort and succour to those who discriminate, it is not jail I wish to see them in, it is shame and ignominy.