Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. Platform 10 wonders if the internet is a hormonal teenager.
2. Next Left on Little Scotlandism.
3. Tim Montgomerie says there ARE other Tory candidates, you know.
4. Peter Kenyon on Labour's seat engineering.
5. Guido on Kevin Maguire's toff's day out.
6. Iain Martin on Nick Clegg's coalition demands.


Anonymous said...

I have read Nick Cleggs strange coalition demands! I think they will remain fantasy! Though they are pretty funny!

It is unfortunate Clegg fans always think I am being hard on him but it is his party I target for their duplicty, their lies and failure to practice what they preach. I dont dislike Clegg, I am indifferent to him, If i met him I am sure I would like his company - I just think his party is pants!

That said it is interesting that if you look at the Lib Dem website Vincent Cable shares equal billing to Nick clegg. They have obvioulsy cottened on to the fact that Nick Clegg is an electoral liability!

Jason Myers said...

I'm not a big fan of Lib Dems but when I read "News reaches me..." I start to question the rumour's source. Is this not just a guess at what Clegg would want?

Best thing Lib Dems could do is get Paddy & Kennedy into Tory frontbench. Vince Cable would boost the Lib Dem vote by a few % if Clegg made way.