Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Message From Unite


Paddy Briggs said...

So who then is to be the judge of what is and what isn't a useful public sector job? Is there to be a cabinet committee which sits like a group of Roman senators giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down as each job title comes before them? Maybe they'll be advised by a quango who will decide which job titles the Daily Mail readership would most like to see done away with – obviously anything with the word “Media” in it would go. Perhaps an army of civil servants will scan The Guardian employment ads to find the “unnecessary” posts that the Tories can dispense with.

What I might think “essential” others might think is dispensable. And I certainly don’t want the likes of the hideous so-called “Taxpayers Alliance” (sick) telling me what are the “absurd non-jobs”.

Mazza1230 said...

I wonder whether Charlie Whelan takes us all for fools. This is an excellent riposte to his scaremongering.

Yes those not in Front-Line Jobs should be concerned. Mr Brown has given you all our money.

Now its time to cut back to what we can actually afford, rather that mortgaging our children's future.

Rush-is-Right said...

Some good ideas there Paddy. With you all the way, for once.

Gareth said...

Paddy Briggs said: So who then is to be the judge of what is and what isn't a useful public sector job?

In an ideal world politicians would say now and let voters decide. Unfortunately Labour are keen to insist that every public sector job is vital (just as every taxpayer pound spent is 'investment') and the Conservatives *aren't* making much noise about what non-jobs they would cut.

It has to be politicians making these choices too. Pass off that responsibility and accountability to some quango or bureaucrat and the last thing they would do is sack themselves.

DespairingLiberal said...

Paddy - I think it will be a combination of Donal Blaney, that potty woman from the Mail, Anne something-or-other, Michael Howard (meetings after sundown only please) and Sir Nigel Bufton-Tufton (Lymeswold West).

First item on the agenda - Gosh we really really hate anyone who works for the government!

Newmark said...

There are undoubtedly a number of non-jobs in the public sector (and absurd job titles).

They get a great deal of publicity but I suspect that they represent only a tiny percentage of the total number of public sector jobs. Perhaps the Taxpayers Alliance (or even Iain) would care to estimate the percentage.

Many people would consider the Taxpayers Alliance staff to be in non-jobs.

Pogo said...

In answer to Paddy's question, it'd be dead easy. You'd only need an "army" if you were using civil servants for the job. Instead get a dozen-or-so individuals from small and medium-sized businesses (not corporates, they've become too much like and too cosy with the civil service) as by-and-large they're on the receiving-end of most of the inanities and let them decide what constitutes "essential" and what is easily disposed of without any noticeable effect on services.

Add to that the automatic abolition of any job with "diversity" in the title, get rid of the majority of "marketing departments" (why the Prison Service has one, Dog alone knows!), shut down the BERR (or whatever it's called this week), get rid of the regional development boards, dump at least 50% of the quangos and completely remove any governmant funding for the fake charities (ASH, Alcohol Concern, NSPCC and the like). Should save a few bob...

Twig said...

@Paddy Briggs
"What I might think “essential” others might think is dispensable."

Oh I'm sure that's not really the case Paddy, but let's just put it to the test...

Which is more dispensable:
Totem Pole Artist?


Newmark said...

Pogo said ... "dump at least 50% of the quangos ..."

Your 50% figure suggests that you aren't aware of which organisations are quangos.

The Taxpayers Alliance have produced a list of quangos (more than 1100) which can be found here.

Looking at the list, I would say that very few of them are superfluous - 10% at most - and they are mostly the very small ones, so any saving resulting from their abolition would be relatively small.

Many people would be surprised to learn that the following organisations are all classed as quangos by the TPA:-

Prison Service
Courts Service
Highways Agency
British Museum
British Library
National Gallery
English Heritage
Royal Mail

Do you want to see those all dumped?

Rush-is-Right said...

When my son was employed for 12 months in the Sheffield office of the Work & Pensions Dept he was staggered how many people there were being paid to do sod all. (He was one of them.)

Never underestimate the extent of over-manning in the public services.

Not that call-me-Dave would be able to do anything about it of course.