Monday, March 22, 2010

John Antcliffe Has Died

I was shocked to hear, over the weekend, of the death of John Antcliffe. He was only 48 and a real mover and shaker in the world of political PR. He was a true Tory and stood for the party in the Greenwich by-election against Rosie Barnes. I got to know him as he was a regular customer at Politico's. He will be missed by us all.

Andrew Marshall has written an appreciation of John HERE on ConservativeHome.


Bardirect said...

Never heard of him but shocking to die at 48 and a reminder of ones own mortality.

Bardirect (age 47 3/4)

Anonymous said...

Such sad news. I got to know John briefly during the 1992 general election when some of us went up to North Warwickshire for a fortnight to help Francis Maude. In the midst of all the usual campaign nonsense, I remember John driving volunteers around, full of tireless good humour, Noel Coward songs echoing forth from his car's tape plyer. He came across as civilised, decent and kind. The Conservative party was lucky to have him - and his loss must be a great source of sadness to those who knew him really well.