Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Tuesday

1. Mr Eugenides thinks Sainthood for Vince Cable can wait.
2. Max Atkinson on how Yaboo politics can work for the LibDems.
3. Conservative History Journal on a clutch of anniversaries.
4. Nick Assinder remembers the election battlebus.
5. A Stratford Conservative on why Labour blocked party funding reform.
6. Tom Harris on blogging the election campaign.


Anonymous said...

lol - Tom Harris blog was quite an eye opener.

He seems to be completly disreguarding Gordon Brown in his campaign. Sure the bits about sending his kids to school every day was nice but the lack of focus on the National campaign means one thing. Tom Harris thinks that Gordon Brown will be a negative. I dont blame him but i do blame Gordon Brown who has been dreadful for the country, It must be tough having such a dispised leader. It is no good though, Harris is standing as a potential MP in another Gordon Brown term. No one even in Scotland wants more of Gordon Browns failure.

Michael Heaver said...

Vince Cable is the LibDems biggest asset in that he is relatively straight speaking on complicated economic subjects and seems to have a good degree of empathy with the audience he is talking to which is a rarity on the main party front benches. He certainly came across as a lot more "human" compared to the two political robots he was sparring with yesterday night.

It would have been very interesting to see him as LibDem Leader, perhaps we still may?

Nigel said...

You didn't read Mr Eugenides' post then, Michael ?

Or were you impressed by these examples of Vince's 'straight speaking on complicated economic subjects' ?

"...Unlike the Conservatives, Dr Cable did not think there was a crisis over borrowing and he suggested the chancellor was reining in public spending so it was in line with the growth of the overall economy..."

"...British businesses were burdened with the costs of UK staying out of the single currency and foreign businesses were opting to invest in the eurozone instead of Britain, he complained. "This is a real cost that is being put as a result of fudging and repeatedly postponing this decision..."

Max Atkinson said...

Michael Heaver: You're right about Vince Cable's ability to make complicated economic issues intelligible to a wider public. What's interesting is that he's one of the very few leading politicians left who actually had a proper career outside politics before becoming an MP. And, as chief economist at Shell, taking non-specialists to the frontiers of economics must presumably have been a major part of his daily work.