Monday, March 22, 2010

What Is LibDem Policy on Public Finances?

If you look at the LibDem website, and go through their policy pages, you'll find a downloadable policy document on every page (eg Health) ... except the one on public debt - where there is no policy document at all and a mere four paragraphs of mealy mouthed text. Surely a bit of an omission in the circumstances?


Anonymous said...

Clegg was waffling on that today. All parties are scared of detailing how they will cut the the debt.

Except Labour who deny there is any problem anyway. 'Just a bit of growth dear, then it will aaaall disappear'.

Anonymous said...

To Spend Spend Spend!

Lib Dem = Labour.

Although the Lib Dem spending commitments and policies change like the days of the week and tides of the sea.

Michael Heaver said...

Another reason why the LibDems will not break through. No bottle.

Irene said...

He was pathetic on the Politics show, trying to discuss immigration.
Now laying down all these conditions in a hung parliament, Saint vince wanting to be chancellor and not forgetting cleggs wife having a subtle dig at Samantha Cameron yesterday.
The libdems are looking more and more rediculous.
I believe cable contacted the Treasury to discuss! a hung parliament, they obliged him with a visit out of courtesy, he only stayed 20 minutes but looking at the headline yesterday it was as if they summoned him.
Roll on May.

Michael Heaver said...

Another reason why the LibDems will not break through. No bottle.

Brian said...

LibDem Policy on Finance = Vince Cable will magic it all better. Labour and Tory policies are no good becaused Vince is not in charge of them. Trust him, he is keen on ballroom dancing.

Robert said...

What is todays Tory policy? Is it the same as last week?

the big L said...

this is a straight rip-off from Jeff Randall's latest column from the 18th March. See here;

Roger Thornhill said...

Clegg moans* at the London Stock Exchange about the other main Parties not grasping the debt nettle and saying what they will do and then Clegg then says, like some saviour he will form some committee AFTER the election to blah blah blah who cares this does not say anything except here is a poke and there might be a pig in it. Later.

Compromise, compromise, compromise. Lib Dem stock in trade. It is not the destination, but the journey, eh? Bureaucrats.

* looking very nervous, shifty and ill at ease

DespairingLiberal said...

Aren't the Tories being equally vague though? Each and every time I have heard any Tory spokesperson asked what they will be cutting, they always say they don't know because the budget is not yet set. The only one who came remotely close was Ken Clarke's "gaffe" when he said taxes will have to rise, but he could not say how much.

Ho hum. Business as usual, including Iain's by now daily ritual of slagging off the LibDems for things his own Party is equally unwilling to openly confirm.

There will be so many lies and evasions in this election from all sides that it may make one wish Obama was standing here.

blemster said...

One of the things none of your readers has grasped Ian, is that no one really knows how bad the economy is going to be until after the election, when the public finances can be scrutinised by fresh eyes, ( on a quiet note Nick Clegg is a bit of a diverer to say the least. As for David Cameron, Wilkliam Hague would have made a better leader for the Conservatives
Very kind Regards
Northants British National Party

Liberal Neil said...

The Lib dem manifesto will be fully costed (again) and will include figures of where they will find savings, and how these savings will be split between funding their prioroties (eg the pupil premium) and deficit reduction.