Friday, March 26, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Charles Crawford says the Germans shouldn't shoot the messenger.
2. Norman Tebbit pays tribute to Baroness Park.
3. Coffee House on why Stephen Byers ought to be a worried man.
4. Guido wonders if you fancy bunging Nick Clegg £7,500.
5. Lazy Hyena has spotted a rather appropriate journalistic byline.
6. Paul Waugh on why Gordon is running scared of Paxman.


EPG said...

Charles Crawford doesn't allow comments, which is good for him, because it means he doesn't have to address the massive systemic failure of credit rating agencies that caused the financial crisis in making his dogmatically "libertarian" argument.

brian in the tamar valley said...

Iain, this story from Paul Waugh is a really important one. It's still possible of course that Brown will be interviewed by Paxo but it would be something he would dread that's for sure. The very best way of exposing Brown's lies and deceit would be in a one to one interview with an attack dog like Paxo.

We know that Brown can't think on his feet and that he relies on slogans and tractor statistics. Aided by Speaker Martin and Speaker Bercow not insisting he answers the question at PMQs he has been getting away with things. It is essential that he is scrutinised in a one to one and the Tories must do everything possible to get him there.

If I was an interviewer one question would be "Mr Brown, with the benefit of hindsight do you think you showed good judgement in selling our gold at the bottom of the market?" There are many more "Have you stopped beating your wife" type questions that can be asked. I would really want to see him squirm.

In Paul's piece there is a quote about Brown needing time to prepare for a Paxman interview. What?!? To admit that you have to spend time in preparation for an interview is weak, weak, weak.

Grand_Inquisitor said...

Slightly off topic:

Today Brown announces his election pledges, but still does not announce the election!

Dithering to the last.