Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dangers of the PM's Tea Party

Is it just me or does the front page of the guardian on Thursday about the PM’s 'tea party election strategy' remind anyone else of his ‘cold-calling voters’ strategy a couple of years ago?

Labour crisis: Gordon Brown cold calling voters for support
Gordon Brown has taken to cold calling members of the public who have written to him in an attempt to find out their concerns and show that he cares. Such is his workaholic regime that he thought nothing of phoning one unsuspecting punter at 6am. Luckily it was a shift worker who happened to be up.

I'm more concerned about voters bringing out the best china and something untoward happening to it.

As Comrade Pickles says... "I doubt there will be much tea and sympathy going from the luckless recipient of Gordon Brown's cheerless cuppa. If the PM wants to build bridges a good start would be to go next door to number 11, and convince Mr Darling he's not the neighbour from hell."


Jess The Dog said...

These won't be visits to mere 'ordinary' voters.

Each visit will be carefully selected, scrupulously vetted, meticulously planned and completely controlled.

Brown's entourage will descend amidst heavy secuity (to keep away terrorists, sorry journalists), the bussed-in activists (students) will spread out with clipboards, waiting to door-knock at the precise moment. Brown will sit on the sofas of Labour party members who will have been given scripts.

It was similar in the Glenrothes election, when the candidate and Mrs Brown descended amidst such a horde, in and out in 15mins, knocking on Labour doors only. I saw this first hand.

And, it's all for the benefit of the media....the party will supply carefully selected footage and photos. Will they be dumb enough to buy it?

Call it a Potemkin Visit.

kasou said...

Some time ago I suggested we keep an eye on how the government will allow te troops to vote..

well guys here we see what our glorious leaders think..

Looks like Liebour dont want the troops to vote...just die.

Unknown said...

Hi Iain,

The Guardian's story about these "Tea Parties, together with the story you reported a few days ago about Brown's mid-April trip to the US, suggest a deliberate ploy to ensure Brown meets far fewer voters than previous party leaders have. Sipping tea in carefully selected living rooms is a far cry from the sort of challenging questions Brown encountered on the Politics Show last Sunday.

The Tories (and you!) should start asking whether Brown is going to hide from voters in the election? And whether all this is yet another example of Brown's fear of elections and the electorate?

Do you think the media will pick up on this narrative? Also do you think the mid-April US trip is attractive to Brown because he will be able to spend hours/days preparing for the TV debates. I suspect that Brown won't be reading up on nuclear proliferation on the plane there and back...

Joe Public said...

And if punters are on the "No-Cold-Calling" telephone exclusion list, someone's susceptible to a hefty fine.

Unknown said...

Jess the dog: Well said and guess what? The BBC will lap it all up claiming that not only is Gordon greater than Churchill (the BBC keep making this reference) but he's genuine unlike that posh Tory scum.

The BBC is a vile organisation that like Nu Liebour must be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

The problem for Gordon Brown is the failure of his government to implememnt economic policies that are sustainable. The hole Brown has dug has meant that this is not a storm in a Tea Cup but a systemic economic problem that engulfs the whole of the UK economy in ways competitor nations have avoided.

These Tea Party events Gordon Brown is embarking upon are a weak attempt at Gordon Brown meeting voters. Browns problem is he is a coward, he dare not meet the people who have suffered due to his dreadful policies. As far as I am concerned Brown can shove his swiss roll where the Sun don't shine!

Newmania said...

Heh heh love it when you are snarky like this Iain , good spot. Can we have a competition on how many Guardian front pages can feature Lord Ashcroft. Its four so far , incredible.
The thought of Gordon Brown coming to tea reminds me of Lord Longford visiting Myra Hindley in Prison
She had done wicked things , unspeakable evil things , she will suffer in hell , but did she really deserve that?

john in cheshire said...

Does the arsehole realise that in the US, their Tea Parties refer to 'Taxed Enough Already'?

Unsworth said...

If Brown walks up my drive he'll be carried back.

And the first call I receive on our ex-directory numbers will lead to immediate reporting of nuisance callers.

darkwater said...

Not as dangerous as the GOP's / Daniel H's Tea Party Strategy!