Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Labour Councillor Caught Praising Himself

Well at least Jacqui Smith's husband had the decency to use his own name when praising his wife in a letter to a newspaper. A Bournemouth Labour councillor has been caught out praising himself on his local newspaper website using a pseudonym. The Independent has the details.

* sorry for the weak headline. I did come up with another one but it didn't get past the censor.


Anonymous said...


Take the r and the a out of Praising and replace them with three ***s and you get a typical New Labour headline.

Labour Councillor Caught P***ing himself!

Anonymous said...

Well done the Echo for exposing him.

trueblue said...

Blowing his own trumpet, was he? =P

M said...

Iain, thank you for this note which brings into sharp relief the whole business of people adopting pseudonyms for online commenting.

I have often wondered how many of your own commentators are in fact not who they claim to be ... for example, given his clear and unequivocal support, and regular praise, for David Cameron, I imagine that Chris Paul is none other than, well, David Cameron... I think we should be told!

Tim said...

Ben Grower is innocent! His password was '1234'!


You come off looking a bit insincere when you only highlight or condemn the sock-puppeting sins of political opponents, Iain. You either take this issue seriously or you don't. Which is it?

(PS - Grower's reaction is not unlike the reaction of one of your closest allies when he got caught sock-puppeting; a sneering "So what?")

Dave H said...

My entire district council praises itself four times a year in its 'free' magazine delivered to every household. Propaganda masquerading as a fact sheet.

They were wise to pay for it using taxpayers' money, though. Noone would ever buy it.

Blaad said...

Dear Mr Dale,

The Prime Minister is flippin' brilliant and doing the best job of any Prime Minister in history.

We should all be very grateful to him.

Your sincerely

Bordon Grown

Jimmy said...

I recall a story in which a council executive was asked about his authority's provision for Care in the Community and replied "we have local elections."

Martin S said...

How auto-erotic of him.

Stephen Folan said...

But wasn't 'Praise You' the Labour Party anthem at the annual rallies. He's just responding to the dog whistle.