Saturday, January 24, 2009

David Davis on Straight Talk

This week's STRAIGHT TALK with Andrew Neil features David Davis as the guest. Click HERE to watch the thirty minute programme.

* 2005 leadership contest and THAT speech
* His resignation
* Why David Cameron didn't bring him back in the reshuffle
* His relationship with David Cameron
* Does he want job in a future Tory government

Andrew Neil: Would you accept a job from Prime Minister Cameron if the phone call comes.
David Davis: I would imagine so, because that's the sensible thing to do.


jailhouselawyer said...

"Prime Minister Cameron".

Only in your dreams.

Iain Dale said...

Andrew Neil's words, not mine.

Seriously though, you think Brown will be PM after the next election?

Sean said...

Everyone has a duty to serve if asked, and thats what Conservativism is all about JHL "Duty" know serve the national interest rather than rupture is constitution, subvert its legal process and tank its economy.

Arthur Dent said...

VicePilot. Couldn't have put it any better. Seriously, I really do worry about some Labour chaps (one in our pub) who keep saying "No way, in your dreams". What planet are they on. Brown & the Labour project are finished. Brown & that party just cannot admit it.

marksany said...

What reason could DD have for not taking a job if CMD offers?

wv: lectate

Anonymous said...

Are you not going to post on the BBC's refusal to broadcast an aid appeal for the thousands of innocent victims in Gaza?

RonB said...

DD came across very well, he didn't do himself any harm IMHO

If first duty is to himself - to act inaccordance with his beliefs.

To submerge his beliefs for his party is surely wrong?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the phone call comes! David Davis would be a great addition to the government--and it would be good to get him in a place where he can bark, but not bite, at his more modernist colleagues in the Tory Party...

jailhouselawyer said...

Iain Dale: "Seriously though, you think Brown will be PM after the next election?"

Not my choice. Perhaps America might make us another state? I think Obama has the right qualities for a leader. I don't fancy either Straw or Miliband given their too close involvement with the flights of extra-ordinary rendition.

Bring back Prescott, all is forgiven...