Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. The FT Westminster blog asks us to comprehend some very odd Brownite maths.
2. Malcolm Redfellow mounts a sterling defence of Norwich, a fine city.
3. it's safe to say that Tom Harris is not a fan of Peter Hitchens.
4. Kerry McCarthy MP asks if Old Holborn us a woman.
5. Iain Martin reckons Ed Miliband is showing a bit of ankle.
6. Paul Waugh reckons DC doesn't like prostitutes. Such a relief.
7. A Lanson Boy exposes another bit of Eurocracy which will kills British tourism jobs.
8. Ellee Seymour on a subversive event organised by the BNP.
9. Douglas Carswell explains how the internet is changing constituency politics.
10. The Modern Liberty website has now gone live.
11. Conservative History blog on foreigners who know a thing or two.
12. PoliticalBetting asks if Israel would get more backing from the Tories.

And here's a bonus one from the PR & Social Web Blog.

I’m sure Derek Draper will one day embrace the Californian style openness of the social web but on Friday he was using his Twitter stream to direct people to the bogus Twitter of ‘David_Camera_on’.

Mr Draper had done well to spot this bogus Twitter as it only had three followers at the time - one was the official ‘Downing Street’ Twitter, presumably no stranger to the social web policy of the party and another was Greg Jackson who runs Tangent One, the company that built the site for Labour List. So how would Draper and two Labour social media insiders know about it so quickly? Weird that.

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Martin S said...

Oh. Surely we can't think Mr Draper and/or Mr Jackson had anything to do with this? Can we?

Yes, we can...