Friday, January 16, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Douglas Carswell says it's time to clean up Westminster.
2. Beau Bo D'Or has a different way of making the same point.
3. Tom Greeves explains on Centre Right why he doesn't vote UKIP.
4. Phil Taylor details a blatant example of BBC bias to the Labour Party.
5. The Daily (Maybe) speculates on the threat to the Green London MEP from the BNP.
6. Croydonian reports Pravda's 2009 pedictions, including martial law in the UK.
7. Richard Spring MP reports on politics in the Maldives.
8. John Redwood advises the Tories not to fall into a Labour trap over Ken Clarke.
9. Greg Hands looks at the upcoming elections in Hessen.
10. Andy Grice on the Stalinist approach of the Commons TV authorities.
11. LabourList has some competition from LabourIst. Same content, no comment moderation.
12. Iain Martin launches a vicious (and wonderful) tirade against Digby Jones.


Plato said...

I love LabourIst! Gold stars all round for Mr Dale on finding this gem.

I look forward to watching its progress :)

Prodicus said...

Do, *do* check the Labourist WHOIS entry @

The Labourist 'About' page is truly excellent:

"We are, however, uncomfortable with the close relationship between and members of the Labour establishment. Its editor, Derek Draper has a long and colourful history with leading Labour figures, consequently independence from the Brown government unlikely. There is something deeply troubling about this quasi-official site, where content is provided by members of Labour Government, edited by a former Labour party employee and where comment is encouraged and indeed allowed only by the chosen few.

The purpose of reproducing the content on LABOURIST is to ensure that the public is provided with an open forum where the heavily spun output of can be debated free from biased comment moderation and censorship. At LABOURIST, we believe the press should be free from political interference."

This may be am all-round first. Congrats to its creators - and get yourselves a lawyer.

Let battle commence.

@molesworth_1 said...

Re Twitter "@derekdraper 1. No one reads blogs for the comments"

Wrong, wrong, wrongity, wrongity, wrong, wrong wrong. Oh yes we do, that's where the sport is.

See Guido & passim ad nauseam

Michael Heaver said...

ConHome is already telling people why not to vote UKIP? In January? Haven't the Tories been spending the last few years telling everyone the party is a spent force?

They must be worried (and rightfully so :D).

Anonymous said...

Labour List = LOL!

James Enfield said...

Stupid link to Phi Taylor who says:

"The article is only short but fails the first test of journalism. It fails to record the salient facts. Labour only won this by-election contest for a totally dead safe council seat by the skin of its teeth. 64 votes were all that separated the Labour party from a humiliating defeat."

Er..., but if you look at the BBC article (posted at 0801 GMT)it says that Labour won by a majority of 64 votes.