Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cameron's Triple Plug Pull

I decided to have a lie in this morning, so I didn't see the Andrew Marr programme. His interview with David Cameron was a bit of a car crash, it seems, as the live link from Cameron's home broke down three times. Cameron had insisted it should be broadcast from his living room, as last week's interview with Gordon Brown was broadcast from Downing Street. Rosa Prince hints she thinks it serves him right (as an ex Mirror journalist, no doubt she would say that).

I think Cameron was well within his rights to set the parameters of the interview. I'm constantly bemused by the willingness of politicians to be dictated to by the media. However, I also know that the BBC were furious that he stuck to his guns. I am not suggesting in any way that there was any deliberate jiggery-pokery on the part of BBC technicians, but there will be more than a few BBC staff who will think that Cameron got his come-uppance.

I would love to be able to give you an analysis of the content of the interview but seven hours after the programme ended it is STILL not up on the BBC i-Player. Last week, I'm told Gordon Brown's interview was up very soon after the programme ended. It's simply not good enough for the BBC web people not to have put it up yet.

*I should be grateful the interview isn't available, I suppose. It means I can watch the footy. Mind you, I never like watching matches which I hope both sides will lose.

UPDATE Tue: The BBC has told me that it is normal for this length of time before a programme is transmitted before it goes on the iPlayer.


JuliaM said...

"It's simply not good enough for the BBC web people not to have put it up yet."

Perhaps they are just following the lead set by Draper yesterday?

"Information..? *yawn* Manyana..."

Anonymous said...

If I were you I'd give The Wire a second chance instead and move to episode 2 and 3.
I found the first difficult, no less due to the almost unintelligible dialogue, but it is also just scene setting.
I ended up hooked.
Fantastic series that highlights some real problems. Interesting how the black majority politicians, councillors and senior police use the race card at every opportunity when they prove themselves as equally corrupt and self serving as any white counterpart. Noses in the trough whatever colour. Down on the street it matters not who is in power.

As for Prince Harry, I'm sure it was just banter but if he was a police officer of whatever rank his feet would not have touched the floor as he was fast tracked through misconduct proceedings and sacked. His words may be a clear indication of 'unwitting' racialist tendencies a la MacPherson. I think he will get off lightly compared to others. He needs to grow up and fast.

Anonymous said...

The BBC seem to be a law unto themselves - I hope they will get privatised: Even more amusing would be by Labour before the next election when the IMF steps in!

The BBC seem to delight in giving Labour party and leftwing proganda. It is dreadful they way they behave IMO. I got really annoyed with them in the autumn of last year so filed a complaint saying if they thought that Gordon was so marvellous they could give me a job and sack one of their useless pro-Labour hacks. I think it is dreadful the bilge they pump out to people forced to pay for the 'output' even when out of work if they want to watch any TV.

BBC/Labour/LD - Out Out Out!

mark said...

I notice the video still has not appeared. There is also a comment highlight from Yvette Cooper in the article, presumably designed to add balance?

"His proposals are economic madness"

The usual selective bbc bias then - allow the opposition their voice, then subtly sabotage the live footage (allegedly) and stick an offensive wholly subjective soundbite in from one of the great dictators footpersons - all in the name of balance m'lud.

Whatever. The day of the sheared down bbc can only be but years away now. Give them a capped budget of £50 million, and a couple of radio stations to run - forever..

Unknown said...

Broadcasters and politicians are always battling to dictate the terms to each other, the most common example being the refusal of (usually) ministers to debate with other politicians. I admire those ministers such as Tony McNulty who are prepared to debate live with their opponents.

I can't really see what benefit Cameron thought he was getting from being interviewed at home, other than an unbroken weekend in his country residence but I suppose it's all part of the endless game of politicians' oneupmanship.

Van Helsing said...

I would have thought it easy for the tories to sort out the obvious BBC bias. Bearing in mind that there are a lot of 'snouts in the trough' at the top of the BBC. All the tories have to do is mention to one of them they were considering abolishing the licence tax as a manifesto commitment.
A very popular idea with the voters, not so much with the BBC.
Give them 30 days to get their house in order.
That should get some results.

Chris said...

Was Mr Cameron questioned about his recent visit to Tynside? -

"One member of the audience complained of the huge differences between services in the North East and Scotland.

She complained that free prescriptions, university tuition and care for the elderly in England should be a priority issue for any Cameron Government.

Mr Cameron responded: 'I don’t want to do anything that will encourage a sense of English nationalism and distance between the two countries.' "

After wittering on about "Scots blood" in his veins, his family being "Scottish Empire" builders (Telegraph, 11 December 2007), etc, I think Mr Cameron has a bloody nerve!

So, we in England don't deserve equality? And we're not allowed to expect our country to be recognised, let alone have it governed in the same way as Scotland - with a national, representative parliament?

Just what makes Cameron tick? It sure ain't a sense of fair play - or concern for the people of England!

Stephen said...

Oscar Miller said...

I find it incredible that the BBC are treating a broadcast from Cameron's home as if it's some huge technical challenge. That is just absurd - the Adnre Marr show is forever going out to interview people, frequently in hotels and frequently in people's homes. This anecdote seriously supports the view that this was deliberate sabotage on the part of the BBC. Along with the obvious bit of sniggering subversion playing 'Oops I did it again' at the end of the show. They know full well what they are doing. Wankers.

Anonymous said...

you don't have a Sky + or V + Box??

Mr Mr said...

I can assure you Ian that the plug was pulled at the times that cameron would come across worst.

I can also assure you that until the plug was pulled cameron was totally unconvincing.

A poor show all round.

We all know that New Labour and Gordon Brown should be put down. We are ALL still unconvinced that Dave and Gideon are the best people to replace them.

justoneglass said...

It's available on iplayer now.

Anonymous said...

The BBC are a load of gobshites - there I've said t.

And Chris - you need your head examining.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

This isn't the first time they've done this to Cameron this year

Jimmy said...

"I am not suggesting in any way that there was any deliberate jiggery-pokery on the part of BBC technicians,"

Having looked at the transcript, I suspect that accusation should be directed at whoever restored the link.

"I should be grateful the interview isn't available"

You're not wrong.

Wyrdtimes said...

The plug should be pulled on Cameron!

Vintage Tory arrogance.

No sign of empathy, no sign of understanding, no sign of decency, no sign of justice.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

"No sign of empathy, no sign of understanding, no sign of decency, no sign of justice."

Sounds more like the new Labour vintage.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Last week, I'm told Gordon Brown's interview was up very soon after the programme ended. It's simply not good enough for the BBC web people not to have put it up yet.

The BBC had 'similar problems' with Cameron's conference speech last year. Brown's made it but Cameron's didn't.

According to a reader on Ed Vaizey's website the BBC's response was:

Unfortunately we
were unable to do it within the 7 days availability and therefore we have passed the amount of time in which we can make it available.

strapworld said...


That is the answer.