Friday, November 28, 2008

Will George Osborne (and David Davis) Be Next?

I can't remember where I read it, but on Tuesday a political journalist speculated that the reason why George Osborne was so well prepared to give his excellent speech on Monday, was that his team had been leaked all the details of the PBR by someone in the Treasury. Nick Watt has some details HERE. What he doesn't mention is that a senior (non MP) Tory staffer was apparently spotted in St James's Park talking to a senior Treasury official. No crime in that (or at least you'd think so), but the Treasury's "mole-watch" machine has gone into overdrive.

If, indeed, a mole is found and exposed, can we expect the Shadow Chancellor to be arrested too?

And what about David Davis? Far be it from me to want to see the old knuckleduster behind bars, but with the number of leaks he had during his time as Shadow Home Secretary, surely at least one of them must fall under the same kind of legislation which led to the arrest of Damian Green? And if not, why not?


T England. Raised from the dead. said...

Go for it Iain :o)
You sir seem to be in bulldog mode!
GGGRRRRrrrrr! Go get em!

not an economist said...
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Anonymous said...

We've already had a story about Osbourne's Doctor brother. What he's meant to have done or not done in his job. If you can't get 'em, then hassle their families. It's the Nigerian and Zimbabwean way.

Not a sheep said...

What about arresting Gordon Brown, see Daniel Finkelstein's piece in today's Times.

DocRichard said...

The anti-terrorist police were involved in seizing the assets of Icelandic banks also. What is going on? Do they not have enough to do investigating potential terrorists?

Labour bloggers may not be interested, but this Green blogger regards this as a very serious breach of Parliamentary privilege. If it did not go to ministers, even on a nudge-nudge basis, then Sir David Normington is going to have some tough questions to answer.

Unknown said...

They could have chosen somewhere less obvious than St.James Park for goodness sake- theres the whole of London to conspire within and they choose the park next to the office!