Monday, November 24, 2008

December Total Politics Out Now!

Iain Dale interviews The Chipmunk Hazel Blears
Nick Clegg cover story by Shelagh Fogarty
Richard Berry on the rise of the Independent
Sam Younger Interview
Christmas gift ideas for discerning politicos
Profile of the leaders of Leeds City Council
Trevor Kavanagh v Derek Wyatt MP: Are MPs more in touch than journalists?
Where are they now? Sir Cyril Smith
Shakespeare's lessons for speechwriters
Robert Waller profiles marginal seats in the West Midlands
Ming Campbell reviews Adam Boulton's book on the Blair government

You can read the free of charge E-Zine HERE or the text versions of all the articles HERE.

A 12 issue subscription to Total Politics costs £35 (27% discount) and you can buy one HERE.

You can buy a print version of the magazine at any branch of W H Smith, or selected branches of Waterstone's and Borders.


Null said...

It must the day for mega events. After the mega budget, we have the mega plug.

Good job it's a decent magazine...

Anonymous said...

If I may say so Mr. Dale I bought Total Politics for the first time at the weekend and the stats and insight is just superb.

Anonymous said...

I cannot for the life of me say that I am at all interested in Nick Clegg nor do I want to further injure my delicate psychotic state by reading about Hazel Blears.

But good luck with the mag.

Bad Bunny said...

I've never been a fan of Nick Clegg but I really enjoyed that interview. And I love the way the Top 100 Political Journalists is presented.

haddock said...

who chooses the colour schemes... and is the printed version just as garish ? it is not just chance that people say that to make things clear you "put it in black and white"