Monday, November 24, 2008

Poll: The Pre Budget Report

I've created a short poll on the Pre Budget Report with seven questions.


I will publish the results after 10pm tonight.


The Half-Blood Welshman said...

OK, enough is enough. I'm a floating voter and proud of it but after that horror show, I'm joining the Tories. Get this rabble out!

I've blogged in more detail here:

Anonymous said...

Someone would have to be really closed minded and prejudiced not to see that Osbourne made perfect sense today. This govt is intent on making us all poor and could bounce us out of the G20 if we aren't careful.
Cut in VAT then increase in fuel duty. Oh wow, I'm off to the shops! Not! So I've got the chance to buy a flat screen telly on credit but can't afford to drive to work or take the bus! Only the dimmest wit would fall for this budget con.
Meanwhile child benefit would be increased in January instead of April, so perhaps an early spring election is on the cards then.

Kevin Williams said...

slight mistake on the prescott advert - should read:

Former Deputy Prime Minister After He's eaten all the Dinner Speaker. Book with JLA

Anonymous said...

If a 20 billion stimulus is good for the economy what will a 40 billion tax increase do to it just as it might be emerging from recession - and given the huge levels of debt being prophesied - just how many more tax increases will we need.

There is only one real solution which Brown and Darling will not mention until after the election - spending cuts.