Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tories Get Debate & Labour MP Makes Prat of Himself

Hilarious moment in the Commons a few minutes ago. As I understand it, George Osborne was about to ask the Speaker for a three hour debate on the budget (under Standing Order 24). Tory MPs piled into the chamber to witness George's imminent triumph, when up popped idiot Labour MP Nigel Griffiths with a Point of Order, which went something like this...

Nigel Griffiths: Mr Speaker, is it in order for Conservative MPs to pile into the Chamber?
House collapses.
Mr Speaker: I wish they would pile in more often.
End result. Griffiths looks a chump and George gets his debate tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: Here's the argument George Osborne deployed...
"Mr Speaker, I beg to ask leave to debate a specific and important matter that should have urgent consideration, namely yesterday’s Pre Budget Report. This was not just a Report, but an emergency Budget and a reckless gamble with the public finances. It introduces a £20 billion fiscal loosening and a £40 billion package of future tax increases. The VAT changes, which add £12 billion to the national debt, will come into force next Monday – before any parliamentary approval is possible and without the opportunity to raise the widespread scepticism the public and retailers have expressed about its merits and its costs. The prospect of a rise on national insurance, which the Institute of Fiscal Studies confirmed today hits anyone of incomes of over £19,000, is already damaging confidence in a future recovery.

The news that the government is set to borrow more than any government in history, and that the national debt will double to one trillion pounds, has shocked the entire country. If this had formally been called a Budget there would now be four whole days of debate. Instead this government refuses to hold even one day's debate on yesterday’s Report. They are running away from the argument because they are losing that argument. Mr Speaker, these are the issues that the country is talking about and I believe we should be talking about them here in this Chamber. That is why I seek this debate."


North Briton 45 said...

The Tories looked like a bunch of schoolboy yobbos

Old BE said...

Who gives a stuff what they look like or what school they went to if they are right?

Since when did debate and democracy become dirty words on the Left? Was it when the Left lost the argument?

Anonymous said...

Would did the Speaker mean by that retort?

Willie said...

When things get tough, most budgets trim non-essential spending. The good old elephant in the room, the EU, has not even been discussed. Any chance of the EU putting the gravy train into a siding, do you think? Even delaying our payments to this most corrupt of institutions, after this Government, would aid the country's cash flow.

Lady Finchley said...

North Briton Hunter is doing his Wolfie class warrior thing again - yawn.....

Prawn Sandwich said...

Blue Eyes said...

Since when did debate and democracy become dirty words on the Left?

November 25, 2008 4:47 PM

Well, I don't want to give a history lesson but Stalin and Mao are the immediate names that come to mind.

1920's? Or 1930's? can't remember which.

North Briton 45 said...

Oh the delightful Lady Finchley, who said anything about class?

strapworld said...


You can tell 'North Briton Hunter' is one of Browns Bunker Boys - He could not use England. Wales, Scotland or Ireland but the mongrel term Brown likes for us all "BRITON!"

Not only has he sold our exchequer down the river but he has sold our national identity to the EU.

I am English and extremely proud of it! With Irish and Welsh blood in my veins as well! I AM a mongrel.

Dick Puddlecote said...

This Government really haven't a clue, have they? I'm almost embarrassed for them.

North Briton 45 said...

Strapworld, You betray your ignorance.

I think you will find the North Briton is a radical 18th century newspaper edited by John Wilkes, a champion for the freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


You seem ardent supporter of Gordo who has reverted to being true self-
the tax and spend Old Labour from Fife (coming from an 'ordinary' family he says. Against this backdrop your NBH 4.41 comments sounds like 'Wolfie class warrior' to me.

North Briton 45 said...

They all jeered like a gang of schoolboy yobbos.

Labour MPs sound exactly the same when they all jeer like a gang.

The Lib Dems would do too if only there were enough of them.

All I was pointing out was that it is one of the most unedifying and ugly spectacles in the House of Commons.

Absolutely nothing to do with class, and I know I couldn't possibly describe myself as a class warrior.

You lot are just far too sensitive.

Anonymous said...


You said 'The Tories looked like a bunch of schoolboy yobbos',no mention about Labour and Libdems.


Well said Willie.

Let's stick 2 fingers up to the EU. Surely the most corrupt, wasteful and useless body of men ever foisted on European taxpayers.

The Republic of Ireland votes "no thank you". The arrogant prat Sarkozy says that the proles are too stupid to be allowed a say in matters which affect all of us.

The EU is stuffed full of failed politicians from all European parties. It's an out of control gravy train whose accounts cannot be signed off.

The Welsh windbag was going to root out corruption. Oh yeah! Him and his radical missus have happily lapped up huge salaries from the EU for achieving absolutely nothing. They are but two of many.

The quickest saving the UK could make is to boot the EU into touch and get on with our own life. If our products and services are good enough people will buy them. The doom mongers and those with a vested interest will tell you otherwise. Small just has to be better. Big is now out of vogue.

Of course Labour love the EU. It embodies everything they adore about big government and the state ( unelected pen pushers on vast salaries) telling us how to lead our lives.

Britain used to be a good place. It's time to assume responsibility for our own destiny and say adios/ au revoir/ciao to the snout in the trough that is the EU!

Anonymous said...

Actually the sequence was as follows:

Osborne makes brief speech applying for debate under SO No 24

Speaker grants debate

point of order from Tony Baldry

point of order from Nigel Griffiths.

So 4/10 for accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Osborne just gets better.

Can't wait for him to wipe the floor with that lying scottish tosser tomorrow.

Maybe he should have more run-ins with Mandy?

Catosays said...

NBH, I assume that since you use the nom de plume North Briton Hunter that you are in pursuit of those who advocate freedom of speech, cf John Wilkes.

Now do go away and stop being boring, besides, Nanny's calling and it's time for your enema

Catosays said...

Remiss of me I know not to have mentioned this before, but try that line on Guido's blog and see what happens.

Andy said...

North Briton Hunter, you're still full of shit, I can smell you from here (cf Jackart).

Maybe I was wrong about GO, maybe he does have what it takes. Anyone who can get Martin to agree with them must be on good form.

And Griffiths was always a twat

Lola said...

D'y'know what? I am really looking forward to the first Tory MP who asks for Brown's resignation. It could just happen sooner than we think if this debate on the PBR really gets going. I'd want to see Brown's face when that happens. I really really do.