Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CCHQ Beefs Up Communications Team

PR Week reveals that Andy Coulson has recruited a new director of political operations. He is Oliver Dowden, who until January this year was Deputy Director of the Conservative Research Department. He then left to join PR outfit Hill & Knowlton. H & K are one of a number of top PR firms desperate to recruit Tories "in the know" and they won't be best pleased at losing someone of Dowden's pedigree.

This is the second new signing by CCHQ in the last few weeks. Dapper American Conyers Davis is joining Liz Sugg's events & advance team, having performed a similar role for the Governator in California.

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strapworld said...

What is it about the Conservatives that looks outside the UK for 'political advice'? Australian, American. I really do despair.

What i would really appreciate is someone who reflects what we ordinary people of the UK -preferably English, preferably reflecting the indigenous population, and who is tuned in to us.

I am rather tired of this 'select' band of insiders who just cannot give Cameron and Osborne the so needed advice from 'the street' so to speak. He is surrounded by old etonians and public school/ top universities. It is a great mistake. He should look to employ a Tory Alistair Campbell! A Tory Charlie Whelan! someone or some people with a lot more savvy about life out here in the real world.

With Andrew Lansley having to apologise for his absolutely crass statement, this morning, it perfectly highlights the point I am trying to make. Campbell would not have allowed such a statement to have been made!

The Conservatives need someone with that good old quality obviously missing COMMON SENSE!and cunning!!

For God's sake Mr Cameron get out of that ivory tower and speak for the majority of the people - and be seen to be speaking for us. A yank however brilliant they are just does not and cannot.

A big mistake!