Saturday, November 22, 2008

Britain's Most Shaggable Blogger is in Distress

Thought that would get your attention. Strangely, I am not talking about myself... Trixy explains all...
I've just been quoted a huge amount of money for urgent medical treatment which I can't afford to pay because all my savings and every penny I can save in the next few months is going to pay my tax bill so some benefit scrounging scum can have the same treatment for free.

That's the reality of live in Brown's Britain. And it will be the same in Cameron's Britain or Clegg's Britain.

I really haven't been so scared and desolate in a long time. I can't afford £800 for specialist root canal treatment to remove an infection which is eating away at my jawbone. Because it's the second time around it only has a 60-70% chance of success so there's another huge risk that should that not work I'll have to fork our thousands of pounds to have a replacement tooth fitted, should I choose not to have a large gap in my mouth like some extra in Eastenders.

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Anonymous said...

Is there someway to donate?

Anonymous said...

Many are saying you don't sound your usual self at all - foul mouthed and negative, almost 'troll like'.

Nulabor's historic wages bill of around £161 bn for 5 million employees, plus £80 bn a year on thousands of useless quangos will be vastly reduced by honest democratic government. Riding roughshod over the British, as opposed to 'governing' is prohibitively costly and wasteful.

Pete Chown said...

"The harder you work, the more the government hates you."

That's the best political slogan I've read for a long time.

Anonymous said...

The Devils Kitchen is taking donations for the Trixie fund until I think December 1st

Anonymous said...

It's bloody ridiculous. Also, vets bills are free through the PDSA.

Iain Dale said...

You can donate HERE.

Akheloios said...

"[I].. pay my tax bill so some benefit scrounging scum can have the same treatment for free"

I was with them until you decided to put the boot into the poor.

It's not been very long since the widespread news reports of the 'benefit scrounging scum' having absolutely no access to dental care.

In fact, the only recourse they had was to perform serious dental surgery on themselves.

So while I pity your pain, I find that someone who is so hypocritical doesn't actually merit any of my money.

You first denigrate the 'benefit scrounging scum' as having access to medical treatment you don't. Then stand your position on its head by describing the after affects of poverty and the lack of access to medical care.

Either the 'benefit scrounging scum' have access to advanced dental care and can avoid the suffering you have. Or they don't have access and have to pull their own teeth out to cure the pain that you are suffering from now.

You're an unpleasant halfwit aren't you?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You cannot get proper dental treatment on the NHS regardless of whether you are on benefits or not. If you do qualify for free treatment it will be basic and crap, because no decent dentist can afford to do NHS work nor will they do it, because they cannot provide the level of care they think is right.

I have just spent four figures on private treatment. It is exactly what I could have, and did have, under the NHS, about fifteen years ago.

Be angry, be mad, remember that Tony Bliar did this to you, but don't blame the poor.

WV vipsici

Lola said...

I'd love to help begins at home. I have four children, three at work and one in education. We do not have access to a NHS dentist and we are paying about the same for dental treatment for our eldest child who is working in London and generally manages to keep herself. We also pay Denplan premiums for every other child and ourselves.

Such is the lie of Brown's welfare Britain.

My children are not alone. Quite why anyone earning £12,000 a year or less has to pay any tax is beyond me. I can see a case for National Insurance, but in that case I want universal availability of NHS dentistry. Or rather dentistry free at the point of delivery.

So, Good Luck Trixy and I am very sorry I cannot afford to help you, but I have me own family to help first.

Lady Finchley said...

I don't mean to sound uncharitable because I do sympathise and I am in the same position. Even though I am only on basic tax rate about £700 comes out of my pay each month. However, I have a chronic debilitating condition of my lymphatic system which makes standing and walking very difficult. The NHS offers only compression hoisery and no therapy. There is therapy available but I simply cannot afford it. I worry that one day I will not be able to walk at all. Nevertheless, I would not come with begging bowl in hand to other bloggers. It really is unseemly and it makes me quite uncomfortable. Ask your dentist if he will take a monthly payment or try the other suggestions on the blog. I don't care how shaggable you are, girlfriend - it is not life saving surgery.