Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Iain Martin takes a trip back to the 1970s, accompanied by the noble Lord Mandelson.
2. Tracey Crouch goes all girly over some fairy lights.
3. Lynne Featherstone has read the confidential Baby P Case Report.
4. Liberal Burblings is all over the place on Damian Green - being very illiberal.
5. Alex Hilton is asking for your help over a legal challenge.
6. Norfolk Blogger reckons he did something worthwhile as a local councillor.
7. Liberal Conspiracy on the left wing blogs which think it's great to arrest a Tory.
8. Letters from a Tory has a letter to Peter Mandelson.
9. Guido doesn't have much good faith in the LibDems.
10. John Redwood has some advice for Mandelson. Don't.
11. Ian Kirby has a preview of Cameron's article for tomorrow's NOTW. It's very aggressive.
12. Tom Harris is rather depressed at the latest ICM poll. Shame, that.


Anonymous said...

Hiltons story is amusing ...
"comrades ..."

aw bless ..!

Can't be that short £50K for the sale and now on a payroll ?

Paul Walter said...

Thank you for linking to me, Iain. I just noticed this a few minutes ago (Sunday afternoon).

When I wrote my post I based it on a Telegraph web site report which said Green had been "arrested under the Official Secrets Act". They then subsequently changed their story, taking out the OSA reference. This morning, as soon as I realised this and read Andrew Rawnsley's Observer piece, I corrected my post and, indeed, reversed my view and wrote an updated post called:

Green: Like being arrested for allowing a duck to fart on a Sunday

which is hopefully trenchant enough for your liking. :-)